Eastside Beer Week Kicks Off In July

Seattle Beer Week has been running for over a decade now. This year’s festivities marked the 11th year for Seattle Beer Week and it shows no signs of slowing down. While it is, of course, Seattle based, Seattle Beer Week featured beers from all around the sound. However, Seattle Beer Week and all of the events surrounding it aren’t always that convenient for people who live over on the East side. So this July, get ready for the first annual Eastside Beer Week,

Like Seattle Beer Week, Eastside Beer Week (EBW) will be 10 days long, and is set to feature events at breweries and craft beer spots along the 1-405 corridor. If you don’t get over to the East side that often, you might not be aware that there are well over 30 breweries on the East side. I’ve been to most of them myself but not all, so this is an excellent excuse for me to visit those I haven’t been to yet. Mark your calendar now for the ‘week’ of July 12th to the 21st, and prepare to head East.

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Reuben’s Brews And Zeeks Pizza Team Up For Hop Tropic


There’s no shortage of craft breweries in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood.  We’ve got Hale’s, Bad Jimmy’s, Maritime Pacific, Populuxe, Peddler, Stoup, Hilliard’s, NW Peaks and Urban Family.  They’re all fine breweries and I have a few favorites among them.  However, there’s still one more Ballard brewery I haven’t mentioned yet, and they are definitely one of my favorites.  That brewery is Reuben’s Brews.

Opened in August of 2012 by Adam Robbings (along with the help and support of his wife and Reuben’s mother, Grace), Reuben’s Brews quickly gained a reputation for making some of Ballard’s best brews.  Their American Rye and Roggenbier (both multiple award winners) were two of my early favorites and I’m a big fan of their Blimey That’s Bitter Triple IPA and their rare and extremely popular Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout.  They also just teamed up with the crew at Brouwer’s Cafe to brew the Brouwer’s 10th Anniversary beer: Gobsmacked Imperial IPA.

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