Craft Beer Monger’s Picks For Seattle Beer Week 10

Ten years ago.  That’s when it all began.  That’s when Seattle area craft beer lovers got to experience the first ever Seattle Beer Week and the first ever official Seattle Beer Week beer (a double IPA from Pike Brewing Company).  Back then, many of our favorite local craft breweries and craft beer bars didn’t even exist yet.  Whereas today, it seems, we have a craft brewery or craft beer bar around almost every corner.

More craft breweries and more craft beer bars means even more Seattle Beer Week events.  Are you ready?  Surviving the week (actually 11 days) will take careful planning. I’m here to give you some suggestions on which events you might want to check out.  So sit back, if you’ve managed to pick up any yet, grab yourself a can of this year’s official Seattle Beer Week beer – Citrus Galaxy IPA from Georgetown Brewing Company – and take a look a Craft Beer Monger’s Picks for Seattle Beer Week 10.

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Craft Beer Monger’s Picks For Seattle Beer Week 2016 – UPDATED


I’ve been a fan of great craft beer ever since having my very first craft beer (a Red Tail Ale from Mendocino Brewing Company, if memory serves).  However, I didn’t really immerse myself into the Seattle Craft Beer scene until sometime in 2010.  Before that I was, of course, still enjoying craft beer, but my journalistic focus was geared more towards the console video game market.  I used to operate a couple of console gaming review sites (focusing mostly on Xbox), which are now closed down.

That means I haven’t been attending Seattle Beer Week for as many years as some of you out there.  The first time I attended a Seattle Beer Week event (and actually knew that I was doing so), was back during Seattle Beer Week #4 in 2010, and the first Seattle Beer Week I ever wrote about was Seattle Beer Week #5 in 2011.  Right now, that sure seems like a long time ago.

Now, with 2016 upon us, we’re just one week away from the kickoff of Seattle Beer Week #8.  That means it’s time once again for me to give you my picks for what sound like the best events at this year’s Seattle Beer Week, just as I’ve done each year since 2012.

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Craft Beer Monger’s Picks For The Best Local Craft Beer Bars


Each week on Twitter I take part in what’s known as Follow Friday.  If you follow me (or anyone else) on Twitter then I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept.  In my Follow Friday (#FF) tweets, I always give a shout out to a few of my favorite local craft beer bars including: The Beer Junction, Beveridge Place Pub, The Pine Box, Toronado, Brouwer’s Cafe (and Burgundian), The Noble Fir, Stogies N Hops (CBM Sponsor) and The Red Hot and Parkway Tavern down in Tacoma.

I don’t always get to each of these places as often as I’d like, which is unfortunate.  The two I tend to make it to the most often are The Beer Junction and Beveridge Place Pub, both in West Seattle.  With only a minor detour, both places are basically on my way home from work.  Don’t get me wrong though.  Convenience is not, by any means, the only reason I frequent these two places.  In fact, Beveridge Place is regularly named one of Seattle’s best pubs on many ‘Best Of’ lists and The Beer Junction was just awarded Best Bottle Shop In Washington for the 4th year in a row from Rate Beer.

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Events Coming Up At The Noble Fir & The Sixgill


There always seems to be something happening at The Noble Fir and The Sixgill.  Both venues often put on events that bring in amazing beers and great food pairings.  In fact, just last month I told you about two great events: Sours at the Sixgill and Chicago Night at The Noble Fir.

Now, a few more events are coming up fast at these popular Seattle craft beer spots.  Do you like strong beers.  Do you like imported beers?  Do you like Foie Gras?  Do you like beers from The Bruery?  Do you like multi-course beer pairing dinners? If you answered yes to any of these questions then keep reading, because I’ve got information on a few events coming up later this week (and next month) that you might want to check out.

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Sours At The Sixgill & Chicago Night At The Noble Fir


There are a few craft beer spots in Seattle that I just don’t visit often enough.  My unusual schedule and proximity to the South end of the city can sometimes make it difficult for me to frequent some of the spots I really enjoy in Fremont, Ballard and farther North.  Two of those spots are The Sixgill and The Noble Fir, and they both have events coming up in the next week.

If you’re a fan of sour beers, you’ll want to drop by The Sixgill this Saturday.  If you’re a fan of beers from breweries out of Chicago, you’ll want to drop by The Noble Fir next Tuesday.  Let me fill you in.

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