Join Three Magnets And Tavour For A Beer Release And Free Tasting

A couple of years ago I told you about a beer delivery service named Tavour.  They send you daily emails with different beers you can order (from breweries both near and far) and then, every couple of weeks, Tavour ships the beers you’ve ordered out to you – or you can pick your orders up at their warehouse location in Seattle.

One of the many local breweries Tavour has teamed up with is Three Magnets Brewing Company out of Olympia and they’d both like to invite you to a tasting and beer release party at the Tavour Warehouse this Thursday, August 31st.  This is a ticketed but free event where you can taste some Three Magnets beers, including their new GoldStorm Double IPA and their Gold Medal winning, Tavour-exclusive: Autumnal Dark Farmhouse Ale, all while listing to Americana music by Joey Capaccio and Kend Winter.

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Tavour Offers A Unique Craft Beer Delivery Experience


We have some great craft beer bottle shops here in the Seattle area.  No matter where you are around the Sound, you’re never really too far from a craft beer bottle shop that offers a wide selection of craft beers from the Northwest, the rest of the nation and indeed the rest of the World.  The only real limitation these bottle shops have to what they can offer you (beyond any possible space limitations) is determined by distribution.  Not all breweries distribute their beers to the Northwest, so there are always plenty of beers out there that we may long to try but don’t have much luck getting our hands on, unless we take a trip out of state to track them down.  There are several local breweries that produce beers that can be difficult to get your hands on as well, unless you have the time to make a trip to the brewery for their release.

There is, of course, a booming craft beer ‘trade’ going on all the time for beers that aren’t distributed here.  There are Facebook groups, forums, online clubs, etc. where people arrange to trade a few local and coveted craft beer selections with someone else who can send them something that we just can’t get in our local craft bottle shops.  While this type of trading is a common practice, it’s actually illegal.  Anyone trading beers in this way is illegally shipping alcohol across state lines and violating liquor distribution laws.  They also risk their packages being confiscated if whoever they’re shipping with (UPS, FedEx, etc.) discovers that the package contains alcohol.

So how can we get around this problem?  Is there a way we can get our hands on sought after beers from both local breweries as well as finding a legal way to get beers from breweries that don’t currently distribute to the Northwest?  This is the question Tavour‘s Chairman, Philip Vaughn, asked himself a few years ago.  Along with his partners and co-founders Rafik Robeal (no longer with Tavour) and CEO, Sethu Kalavakur, they believe they’ve found the solution.

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