The 12 Randalls Of Christmas At The Pine Box


Happy Holidays!  I’d like you to meet my friend, Randall.  No, you can’t shake his hand.  He doesn’t have one.  But you can stuff him full of hops (or coffee, or fruit, or spices or any number of other flavoring ingredients).  Randalls are devices that are hooked up between the keg and the tap, allowing the beer being served to be infused with whatever is stuffed into the randall on it’s way to the glass.  This allows for some interesting combinations. 

Randalls are probably most popular as a way to instantly fresh hop beers coming off the tap.  You can fill the Randall with the desired hop (Cascade or Citra, for example, are good choices for some IPAs), and give a real boost to the hop aroma in the beer and flavor to a slighlly lesser degree.  Another popular use of a Randall is filling it with coffee beans when pouring a stout or porter.  Yet another example, and one of the more delicous Randallized beers I’ve experienced was an imperial stout though a Randall of bourbon-soaked oak chips. 

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