Odin Hosts Their Own Winterfest This Coming Saturday


Odin Brewing Company first launched back in December of 2009, but have grown quickly.  Their mission of creating not just a few large, single-batch beers but instead focusing on brewing beers that pair well with different foods has served them well.  Most of Odin’s beers are available year round, with just a few special limited/seasonal releases like Equinox Dark Belgian Strong Ale with Brettanomyces yeast or Whiskey Barrel Aged Stout.

Odin originally had two locations: the brewery itself in Seattle’s South Park neighborhood and Odin’s Tap Room, Asgard Tavern, in Fremont.  What many people may not be aware of, however, is that Odin has been in the process of moving their entire operation to their new location in Tukwila, WA, just outside Southcenter Mall and right next door to California Pizza Kitchen (you can even order pizza from CPK while you’re enjoying a few pints at Odin, and you’ll find a few Odin beers on tap at CPK!)

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Odin Brewing Is Moving To Tukwila


Odin Brewing Company set up shop about 5 years ago in Seattle’s South Park neighborhood (I’m talking about the brewery itself, not Odin’s Asgard Tavern in Fremont), adhering to the philosophy of brewing beers that would pair great with different foods.

From Odin Brewing:

The Odin Brewing journey begins here.  Designing and crafting beers worthy of your dinner table.  Beer that will complement your foods, rather than do battle against them.  Beer designed for the myriad of culinary options we are blessed with in the Pacific Northwest. Great beer designed with great food in mind!

Since opening, they’ve been quite successful with that philosophy and have been growing rapidly.  So much so that they’re running out of space in their current facility.  As a result, Odin Brewing Company is now in the process of moving the brewery to a new, 15,000 square foot facility in Tukwila, right by Southcenter Mall and adding a tasting room at the brewery.

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Penumbra Beer Bash: The Seattle Beer And Music Festival


Penumbra: “(Definition-a partial shadow, as in an eclipse, between regions of complete shadow and complete illumination) – AKA the darkness that defines the silver lining.”

We’re fortunate here in the Northwest to have a plethora of craft beer festivals and events; far too many to name them all here.  You can usually find at least one craft beer-related festival or other event going on somewhere around the Sound just about every week/weekend of the year (and often, far more than just one).  We also have a few notable music festivals in town but, so far, nobody has successfully combined both types of events into a single beer and music festival that does justice to both the beer and the  music.  Penumbra is here to change that.

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Iron Brewer: 7 Seas & Silver City At Beveridge Place Pub On August 30th

Your Iron Brewer Host & Sensei: Gary Sink

Even if you’re not a fan of The Food Network, I’m betting you’ve heard of the show Iron Chef (and Iron Chef America).  These are cooking shows where the chefs are challenged to come up with dishes, using a special ingredient selected by the show.  Well, Beveridge Place Pub in West Seattle holds occasional competitions based on this type of format.  Brewers are pitted against each other, with Beveridge Place Pub selecting the special ingredient(s) they must use.  Then, Beveridge Place patrons get to vote and one brewery is declared champion. 

The last major Iron Brewer competition was held at Beveridge Place Pub back in May during Seattle Beer Week 2012.  The pair ups for that challenge were:

Black Raven vs Odin – Brewing with Blackberry & Lavender

Seven Seas vs Port Townsend – Brewing with Coconut & Lemongrass

Silver City vs Airways – Brewing with Apricot & Almond

The winners for these pairups were:

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