Two Beers, Seattle Cider & New Belgium Announce GRAFF(T)


It’s time for a Two Beers three-way!  In a unique collaboration, Two Beers Brewing Company has partnered with Seattle Cider Company and New Belgium Brewing Company to bring you a one of a kind ‘Graff’.  This unique beer/cider combination style, an India Pale Lager combined brewed with apple must, combines special New Belgium hop varieties, Two Beers malts and unfermented apple juice from Seattle Cider Company into a concoction that both beer and cider lovers can get behind.

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Penumbra Beer Bash: The Seattle Beer And Music Festival


Penumbra: “(Definition-a partial shadow, as in an eclipse, between regions of complete shadow and complete illumination) – AKA the darkness that defines the silver lining.”

We’re fortunate here in the Northwest to have a plethora of craft beer festivals and events; far too many to name them all here.  You can usually find at least one craft beer-related festival or other event going on somewhere around the Sound just about every week/weekend of the year (and often, far more than just one).  We also have a few notable music festivals in town but, so far, nobody has successfully combined both types of events into a single beer and music festival that does justice to both the beer and the  music.  Penumbra is here to change that.

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