IPApril Is Coming At Beveridge Place Pub – UPDATED 4/11/2013

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Spring has arrived in the Northwest (though Winter gave us one more good blast with last week’s snow).  That means it’s time to prepare to leave many of those wonderful Winter beers behind until next year and get ready for some Spring and Summer styles; and one of my favorite styles, as my regular readers well know, is India Pale Ale (and Imperial/Double IPA).  So I’m excited about the approach of April and the kickoff of the annual IPApril at Beveridge Palce Pub.

This month-long event brings together some of the best IPA’s available in the Northwest, from across all IPA-related styles.  According to Beveridge Place Pub:

All month long we’ll be serving up a hopheads delight, with twenty taps running at 60+ IBUs!  IPAs, Imperial IPAs, Belgian IPAs, Double IPAs, Black IPAs, Single Hop IPAs, we’ll have them all (or as many as you can safely consume) for the entire month of April!

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To Every Craft Beer There Is A Season – Upcoming Events

Pour, Pour, Pour – The Beers
(Sung to the tune of Turn, Turn, Turn by The Byrds)

♫ To everything – pour, pour, pour
There is a season – pour, pour, pour
And a time for every craft beer under heaven ♫


Right now it’s Winter beer season.  And I couldn’t be happier with this year’s lineup of great Winter beers.  There is just so much wonderfully dark, rich, woody, bourbony, delicious goodness out there with the likes of Hoppy Holidays & Hoppy The Woodsman (Schooner Exact Brewing), Winter Bock (Silver City Brewing), Creepy Monkey Bourbon Barrel-Aged Brown (North Sound Brewing), The Abyss (Deschutes Brewing), Bindlestiff (Naked City Brewing), Jolly Roger Christmas Ale (Maritime Pacific Brewing), Bifrost Ale (Elysian Brewing), Bourbon Barrel Abominable Ale (Fremont Brewing) and many, many more.  For anyone who is a fan of these darker, often barrel-aged, complex and delicious Winter delights, this is a great time of year to be a beer drinker. 

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