Fresh Hop Season Kicks Off Next Week At Two Beers Brewing

Summer is waning and Fall is drawing closer each day.  That must mean it’s Fresh Hop time!  Each year, when it’s time for the hop harvest up in Yakima Valley, many local craft breweries prepare to brew their annual Fresh Hop beers – loaded up with fresh-picked hops right off the vine.

Two Beers Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) prides themselves on always being the first local brewery each year to debut their Fresh Hop IPA, and this year is no different.  They held their annual hop picking party, and brewed their Fresh Hop IPA back on August 9th.  By next week it will be ready to serve, and Two Beers is welcoming it with a Fresh Hop IPA release party on Wednesday, August 23rd.

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Bale Breaker announces the Harvest Collaboration Series

Collaborations are all the rage these days.  I recently told you about the Samuel Adams Brewing The American Dream Collaboration Pack and this year’s 3-Way IPA from Fort George Brewing (plus Great Notion Brewing and Reuben’s Brews) has been flying off shelves so fast that it’s been a bit difficult to find this year.

Now, Bale Breaker Brewing Company is ready to get in on the action.  They’ve partnered with Georgetown Brewing, Founders Brewing, Cloudburst Brewing and Pinthouse Pizza & Brewpub to create the Harvest Series Collaboration Series.  The beers have staggered release date from August through October.

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Join Schooner Exact For A Hop Field Trip This September

Each year, as Fall approaches in the Northwest, it’s hop harvest time.  That can only mean one thing: Fresh Hop IPAs are coming.  Most beers are brewed using kilned or dried hops, usually in the form of compressed hop pellets.  Fresh Hop or Wet Hop beers, on the other hand, utilize fresh, un-kilned hops straight off the vine.  This allows them to retain all of their natural oils (some of which can be lost or reduced during the kilning/drying process), and impart a more Earthy and natural character to the finished beer.

When brewing a Fresh Hop Ale, the hops must be utilized with 24 – 48 hours after picking to ensure freshness.  Any longer and they’ll start to become soggy and begin to develop mildew and rot.  So, when the season arrives, you’ll see plenty of trucks from local breweries making day-trips up to the Yakima Valley to procure their fresh hops for brewing.

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The 2016 Seattle Fresh Hops Festival Starts This Friday


Have you been enjoying Fresh Hop season?  I don’t know about you, but my lupulin levels must be through the roof.  I love the abundance of hoppy beers available this time of year and am thankful that I live in the Northwest, which produces the best Fresh Hop beers available in the World.

So, have I had enough?  Not by a long shot.  I know there are opinions out there that hops are overused in the craft beer industry and that the IPA style has taken over too much and become too hoppy.  To that I say, absurd.  Yes, there are some ridiculously hoppy beers out there. That’s great for those of us who enjoy them.   If you don’t, however, then don’t drink them. It’s just that simple.

The abundance and popularity of IPAs and hoppy Pale Ales doesn’t mean there aren’t other choices out there. Although, I will admit, most tap lists are rather hop-heavy this time of year for obvious reasons.  If you’re like me though and just can’t get enough then you’re in luck, because the 2016 Seattle Fresh Hops Festival starts this Friday at Hale’s Palladium.

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Fresh Hop Pale Ale Arrives Tomorrow From Black Raven Brewing



We’re well into Fresh Hop season here in the Northwest (in fact the Yakima Fresh Hop Festival is coming up this weekend).  The Puget Sound’s proximity to the Yakima Valley means that local craft breweries have incredible access to the nation’s largest hop producing region.  This allows local breweries to produce what I believe are the best Fresh Hop beers available anywhere in the World.

Most Fresh Hop beers (also sometimes referred to as Wet Hop) are brewed using hops that were still on the vine less than 24 hours ago.  This gives them a unique hop character you won’t find in other, regular, IPAs or Pale Ales.  With all the Fresh Hop releases coming one after the other right now, it’s like Disneyland for hop heads.  Someone get me an E ticket!

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Field to Ferment Fresh Hop Pale Ale Coming From Fremont Brewing


Hopheads rejoice.  It’s Fresh Hop season!  It all kicked off this past Friday when Two Beers Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor), released their 2016 Fresh Hop IPA.  Now, Fremont Brewing Company is preparing to release their 2016 Fresh Hop Pale Ale.

In a unique twist, however, Fremont isn’t just brewing one fresh hop recipe.  They’ll be brewing during the whole hop harvest season up in the Yakima valley, and  using four different hop varieties as each one his harvested throughout the season.

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Two Beers To Release Their 2016 Fresh Hop Ale Later This Month


As a serious hop head, I’m pretty excited that Fresh Hop season is nearly upon us.  It’s quite a process most brewers go through to produce those wonderful beers, hopped with fresh hops right off the vine.  In fact, hop growers and brewers need to either start using or kiln drying those hops within just a couple of days, or they’ll start to decompose.  We can’t have that!

Two Beers Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) is usually first out of the gate with their Fresh Hop IPA, and this year seems to be no exception.  Tonight (8/2) is the fresh hop picking party at The Woods (the taproom Two Beers Brewing shares with their sister company, Seattle Cider Company), and the brewing of this year’s Fresh Hop IPA will be underway before the day is out.

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Black Raven Brewing Prepares To Release Fresh Hop Saison

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It’s Fresh Hop beer season.  Everywhere you look lately, fresh hop beers are popping up on taps in and bottles all around the Sound.  I’m loving it.  The wonderful aroma and taste of fresh hops filling my glass is an indulgence for such a hop-head like me.

Most Fresh Hop beers tend to be either IPAs or hoppy Pale Ales.  Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor), however, decided to go a different way this year.  Instead of an IPA or a Pale Ale, their presenting us with a Fresh Hop Saison.

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Fresh Hop Season Starts 8/21 With The Release Of Two Beers’ Fresh Hop IPA


As a serious hophead, I always look forward to the return of Fresh Hop season.  Summer is still here but Fall is just around the corner.  The hop harvest is in, and brewers across the Northwest and across the nation are preparing to brew their Fresh Hop Ales.

Two Beers Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) always seems to get a bit of jump on the competition in the Fresh Hop category, and this year is no different.  After a one day trip up and back to the Yakima Valley, Two Beers founder Joel VandenBrink arrived at the brewery on the afternoon of August 5th with a truckload of hop vines.  Upon his arrival he was greeted by a crowd of local fans eager to help him pick the hops off the vines for this special annual release.

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