The Vera Project Hosts Elysian’s Search Party This Summer

We’re fortunate in the Seattle area to have such a plethora of craft beer festivals to attend, pretty much year-round.  In addition to being a great way to enjoy and share our love of craft beer, many of these festivals also serve to benefit various non-profit organizations and other worthy causes.  Well, get ready for one more festival in town as Elysian Brewing Company prepares to host the first ever Search Party this July at the Seattle Center.

This one-day festival will be a celebration of beer, food, music and the arts, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting The Vera Project.  With music and the arts no longer part of the core curriculum at many schools, it’s more important than ever to find other ways to cultivate a love of music and the arts in young people and to provide the necessary skills to pursue careers in those fields. That’s what The Vera Project does.  According to their Mission Statement: “The Vera Project fuels personal and community transformation through collaborative, youth-driven engagement in music and art.

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Top Rung Brewing Prepares For Their Third Anniversary

What do you do when you’re a firefighter with a passion for craft beer and you’re looking for a hobby to keep you busy in your down-time?  You start homebrewing, of course.  At least that’s how things got started for Top Rung Brewing Company founders, Jason Stoltz and Casey Sobol.

First opened in April of 2014, Jason and Casey launched Top Rung to fill a need they saw for more craft beer choices in the Olympia area.  Now, they’re preparing for their third anniversary celebration.

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Sumerian Brewing Prepares For Their 2nd Anniversary And Starts Canning

Sumerian Brewing Company has a lot on their plate right now.  They continue to add new accounts, so you can now find their beers at 9 Costco locations, Xfinity Arena, 7-11, Haggen stores and Safeway stores, in addition to your local craft bottle shop.  They’ve also worked to get their beers onto Washington State ferries and will also be one of several local craft beer choices available at Safeco Field for the coming 2017 Seattle Mariners season (watch for a Mariners 2017 Season Food & Drink preview coming in early April).

In addition, Sumerian is preparing for their 2nd Anniversary celebration and have also started to release their first canned beers thanks to their new canning line.  The first of their beers up in cans will be Hopruption – formerly known as Eruption Double IPA.

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Black Raven Prepares For Their 7th Anniversary


If you’re a regular reader here at Craft Beer Monger then you’ve heard me say this before, but there aren’t too many breweries out there for which I can honestly say they don’t make a single beer I don’t enjoy.  Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) is on that rather short list.  I don’t think I’m alone in that respect either.  Go to any of our many local beer festivals and, if Black Raven is there, you’ll be able to spot them from the long line of craft beer fans waiting to get a taste.

It’s hard to believe they’ve only been around for just under 7 years.  In that relatively short time they’ve amassed an extensive and impressive Beerfolio, with beers available to suit anyone’s taste and now, it’s time to celebrate that impressive lineup at Black Raven Brewing’s 7th Annual Flock Party.

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Food Truck Fridays (And Now Saturdays) Return At The Woods


Summer is almost here, and that means it’s time for the return of Food Truck Fridays (and now Saturdays) down at The Woods – the shared tasting room for Two Beers Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) and Seattle Cider Company. Starting today, Friday, June 13th, and running through Saturday, September 27th, a different food truck will be at The Woods each Friday and Saturday, so you can grab some food while you’re enjoying a few beers or ciders inside the taproom or out on the patio.

There’ll be something for everyone including:  BBQ, Crepes, Tacos/Mexican, Falafel, Lumpia and much, much more. So check the schedule below and find out on which Friday/Saturday you’ll be able to find your favorite food truck down at The Woods.

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