IPApril Starts Tomorrow At Beveridge Place Pub

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Hops.  What would beer be without them?  They are a crucial element in the production of most styles of beer, imparting aromas, flavors and bitterness to various styles through the use of different quantities and varieties of hops.  Depending on the type(s) of hops used, they can impart aromas and flavors reminiscent of orange, tangerine, lemon, grapefruit, pineapple, passion fruit, pine needles, grass, honeysuckle (or other flowers), earthy or spicy tones, and many other qualities.  The bitterness they impart is also important because, without it, most of the beers you enjoy would taste far too sweet.

In well made beers, depending on the style of course, the bitterness of the hops is usually complimented by the sweetness imparted by the malt, resulting in a well balanced play between the two.  Of course, many IPAs (and even some ho-forward Belgian and pale ales) purposely throw this balance out of whack, providing an aromatic and flavorful hop punch, often with a more generous amount of bitterness and hop aromas and flavors than you’ll find in other styles.  With April right around the corner, Beveridge Place Pub is all set, once again, to celebrate all things hoppy with IPAPril: a month-long celebration of hoppy beers.

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The 11th Annual IPA Fest At Coopers Alehouse Is Almost Here – UPDATED WITH FULL DRAFT LIST


Each year, Cooper’s Alehouse on Lake City Way holds an IPA Fest, featuring a wide range of different IPA’s from around the Northwest and the country.  This year, from April 5th through the 26th will be their 11th annual IPA fest.  As a serious hop-head, my taste buds are tingling in anticipation.

There will be over 70+ different IPA’s pouring throughout the fest, with samplers, tastings and special events all month long.  No precise schedule for when each beer will be tapped has been provided by Cooper’s, but this is intentional.  In most cases, when it’s announced beforehand that a coveted or ‘rare’ beer is going on tap, it tends to disappear more quickly than if you just happen to ‘find’ it on tap.  Cooper’s doesn’t want that to happen, so if you’re looking for a particularly coveted or rare IPA, you’ll just have to decide what day(s) and time(s) to head down to Cooper’s and see if you get lucky.

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To Every Craft Beer There Is A Season – Upcoming Events

Pour, Pour, Pour – The Beers
(Sung to the tune of Turn, Turn, Turn by The Byrds)

♫ To everything – pour, pour, pour
There is a season – pour, pour, pour
And a time for every craft beer under heaven ♫


Right now it’s Winter beer season.  And I couldn’t be happier with this year’s lineup of great Winter beers.  There is just so much wonderfully dark, rich, woody, bourbony, delicious goodness out there with the likes of Hoppy Holidays & Hoppy The Woodsman (Schooner Exact Brewing), Winter Bock (Silver City Brewing), Creepy Monkey Bourbon Barrel-Aged Brown (North Sound Brewing), The Abyss (Deschutes Brewing), Bindlestiff (Naked City Brewing), Jolly Roger Christmas Ale (Maritime Pacific Brewing), Bifrost Ale (Elysian Brewing), Bourbon Barrel Abominable Ale (Fremont Brewing) and many, many more.  For anyone who is a fan of these darker, often barrel-aged, complex and delicious Winter delights, this is a great time of year to be a beer drinker. 

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