Portland Cider Co. Teams Up With Blue Star Donuts For Blueberry Bourbon Basil

Collaborations are all the rage in the craft beer world and, apparently, they’re popular in the cider world as well. If you enjoy cider, blueberries, bourbon, donuts and barrel-aged libations, then Portland Cider Co. and Blue Star Donuts have the collaboration for you.

One of Blue Star’s most popular donuts is their Blueberry Bourbon Basil donut (Which sounds incredible! I need to get down to Portland to try one.). This best seller was the inspiration for Portland Cider Co’s new Blueberry Bourbon Basil Cider.

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Basil Mint Cider Returns For Spring From Seattle Cider Co.


Many of the commercial ciders on the market today tend to be too sweet for my palate.  Measured on a scale called Brix, many of those ciders come in at a Brix rating of 4, 5 or even higher.  I think that’s why I enjoy so many of the ciders from Seattle Cider Company.  They keep their ciders low on the Brix scale, which means they aren’t as cloyingly sweet.  Their Dry cider, for example, is 0 (zero) Brix and their Semi-Sweet cider clocks in at just 2.6 Brix.

If you’re also a fan of ciders that stay a bit more on the dry side, then you’ll be excited to learn that Seattle Cider Company is ready to bring back their Spring Seasonal: Basil Mint Cider.  Coming in at 6.9 ABV and just 1.8 Brix, this Spring Seasonal starts off with a base of 100 percent fresh pressed Washington apples, accompanied by 100 pounds of fresh basil and 100 pounds of fresh mint.  Muddled on site, the basil and mint are then added directly to the cider during fermentation, providing savory and floral characteristics and a clean finish.

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Seattle Cider Releases Their Berry Seasonal In Cans


Canning is all the rage these days and, with Summer just about here, you’ll be wanting to grab some of your favorite beers and ciders in cans to take along on your hike, camping trip, bike ride, etc.  Well, Seattle Cider Company is ready to give you even more options on what cans you can bring along with you.  Starting today, June 3rd, Seattle Cider is releasing their popular Summer Seasonal Berry Cider in 16-ounce cans.

According to Seattle Cider Company: “Made with Pacific Northwest blackberries, raspberries and blueberries, Berry offers a 6.9 percent ABV and just 1.8 Brix, falling perfectly between Dry and Semi Sweet in sweetness. It’s deep pink color lends way to a softly tart start with a flavor of young raspberries, followed by a subtly sweet finish.”

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Basil Mint Cider Now In Cans From Seattle Cider Company


Back in March of 2015, Seattle Cider Company announced Basil Mint as their new Spring Seasonal cider, taking over for their previous Spring Seasonal, Gin Botanical (which is now available as a limited year round release).  Now, as Basil Mint returns for Spring 2016, Seattle Cider is pleased to announce that this popular Seasonal offering is now available for the first time in 16 oz cans.

Seattle Cider Company’s Seasonal ciders, until now, have only been available on tap or in 22 oz bottles.  That’s about to change, however, as Seattle Cider plans to begin canning all of their other Seasonal releases also, as each one makes it’s return this year in their familiar, white, 16 oz cans.

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Seattle Cider Co. Releases Oaked Maple And Cranberry


Seattle Cider Company has quite a wide selection for for such a young cidery.  Between their year round selections, their Seasonals, Limited Edition and Harvest series’ they have over 12 different ciders to choose from.  Today, that number grows by 2.

Available starting today from Seattle Cider Company are Oaked Maple Cider and Cranberry Cider.  You’ll find both available on tap and in bottles at The Woods tasting room when they open their doors today at 3 PM.

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Berry Cider Is Back For Summer From Seattle Cider Company

Seattle Cider Company Berry Cider

Seattle Cider Company Berry Cider

Seattle Cider Company (along with their sister company, Two Beers Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor)) has been hard at work preparing for the grand opening of their new and much larger taproom next Saturday, June 13th (more info to come).  At the same time, they’ve also been busy preparing their new Summer Seasonal, Berry Cider.

Formerly known as Pacific Northwest Berry (don’t worry, nothing has changed but the name), a delicious blend of Pacific Northwest blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, pulling in all the flavors of the season without being too sweet.  Berry takes over for Seattle Cider Company’s former Spring seasonal, Basil Mint, joining the cidery’s three year round and two limited edition ciders on shelves across the country. Coming in at 6.9 ABV and just 1.8 Brix, this deep, rose colored cider is available in 22-ounce bottles and on draft.

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Gravenstein Rosé And Perry Join Seattle Cider’s ‘Harvest Series’ Lineup


This coming Saturday, May 2nd is set to be a pretty busy day.  We’ve got the 2nd Annual Bacon & Beer Classic at Safeco Field (where yours truly will be participating as a judge), the Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) 6th Anniversary ‘Flock Party’, a member work party for Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery members and it’s also National Homebrew Day with a big event taking place at Larry’s Brewing Supply in Kent (and several other locations).  Not to mention, the 2nd is also the 141st Kentucky Derby.

Seattle Cider Company is adding one more event to that list with this Saturday’s release of their new Grevenstein Rosé Cider and Perry – both new additions to their Harvest Series.  What began with the introduction of Washington Heirloom last year has now become a limited edition series showcasing some of Washington’s most unique apple and pear varieties.

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Seattle Cider Company Expands Distribution To Minnesota


Seattle Cider Company seems to be quickly taking over the nation.  Since they first launched back in 2012, they’ve continued to increase production and expand into new markets.  Just this past February I told you about their expansion into Wisconsin (the 6th state, including Washington, to carry Seattle Cider Company ciders).  Their ‘drier’, less-sweet ciders hold a growing appeal to those who find many other commercial ciders too sweet.

Now, Seattle Cider Company is set to expand into their 7th state: Minnesota.  Their ciders should start appearing there on May 4th, along with a series of kickoff events planed throughout the week.

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Seattle Cider Company Adds Citrus To Their Year Round Lineup



Seattle Cider Company has really taken off since they first launched back in August of 2013.  Their original year round offerings: Dry and Semi-Sweet, have garnered acclaim from across Washington state and indeed across the nation as they continue to expand distribution.  Their diverse portfolio of other ciders (including Three Pepper (Lmited), Gin Botanical (Lmited – Year Round), Pacific Northwest Berry (Seasonal), Washington Heirloom (Heritage) and more keeps cider fans coming back for more and wondering what they’ve got up their sleeve next.

Now joining their year round lineup on tap and in 16 oz cans is Seattle Cider’s new (and very popular around the taproom during it’s initial run) offering: Citrus.  According to Seattle Cider Company: “This slightly tart yet refreshing cider is the first “infused” cider to be offered year round by the rapidly expanding cidery. Featuring a subtle medium-dry sweetness – falling right between Dry and Semi Sweet – this summer-worthy cider is complemented by a bold citrus flavor and slight bitterness, offering a palate cider lovers and IPA drinkers alike will appreciate.”

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Basil Mint Announced As New Spring Seasonal For Seattle Cider Company


We don’t need to wait for the 20th, and who knows what that silly groundhog was thinking.  Spring has definitely arrived early this year in the Northwest and we’re loving all that sunshine and unseasonable warmth.  Seattle Cider Company has noticed too, and are very excited to announce their new Spring Seasonal release: Basil Mint Cider.

Made with an amazing 118 pounds of fresh basil and mint in each batch, Seattle Cider Co’s Basil Mint cider replaces their popular Gin Botanical, which was previously their Spring Seasonal but, due to it’s popularity, is now available year round.

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