Craft Beer Monger’s Picks For Seattle Beer Week 2016 – UPDATED


I’ve been a fan of great craft beer ever since having my very first craft beer (a Red Tail Ale from Mendocino Brewing Company, if memory serves).  However, I didn’t really immerse myself into the Seattle Craft Beer scene until sometime in 2010.  Before that I was, of course, still enjoying craft beer, but my journalistic focus was geared more towards the console video game market.  I used to operate a couple of console gaming review sites (focusing mostly on Xbox), which are now closed down.

That means I haven’t been attending Seattle Beer Week for as many years as some of you out there.  The first time I attended a Seattle Beer Week event (and actually knew that I was doing so), was back during Seattle Beer Week #4 in 2010, and the first Seattle Beer Week I ever wrote about was Seattle Beer Week #5 in 2011.  Right now, that sure seems like a long time ago.

Now, with 2016 upon us, we’re just one week away from the kickoff of Seattle Beer Week #8.  That means it’s time once again for me to give you my picks for what sound like the best events at this year’s Seattle Beer Week, just as I’ve done each year since 2012.

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September Events At The Pine Box

September is just around the corner, and The Pine Box has a few events lined up that you might want to check out.  First up, on September 2nd, is Cards Against Humanity.  Described as “a party game for horrible people”, Cards Against Humanity is a card game where, during each round, one player asks a question from a Black Card, and everyone else answers with their funniest White Card.  Created in 2011 as a party game for a New Year’s Eve celebration (and it should be at this year’s PAX – August 31 – September 2nd), it’s a fun game that’s great for groups.  It’s so popular, it’s even reached the top 2 products on‘s Toys & Games category.  Impressive.

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