The 8th Annual Big Wood Fest At Brouwer’s Cafe Starts This Thursday – UPDATED 12/3


Each year, Brouwer’s Cafe put on some of Seattle’s best and most anticipated beer festivals.  With Hop Fest, the Hard Liver Barleywine Festival, Sour Fest, the Back In Black Stout Fest as well as other festivals (for example: the Hop Mob Triple IPA Road Show), they’ve got a festival to cover just about every beer drinker’s taste (unless you’re a Bud drinker, in which case you’re out of luck).  I was about to say that one of my favorite festivals is coming up at Brouwer’s, but I can’t say that.  I’ve come to realize that I don’t have a favorite; I really do love them all.  I’m a hophead at heart but I enjoy all beer styles, so I always find plenty of beers I truly enjoy at each one of their festivals.

Now, with December upon us, it’s time for Brouwer’s 8th Annual Big Wood Festival.  This festival features all beers that have been aged in barrels or on wood chips.  I’m a huge fan of wood aged beers, especially bourbon barrel aged stouts, so I’m really looking forward to Big Wood (as I do each year).  As I said above, I can’t really pick a favorite festival at Brouwer’s Cafe – but they can.

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