The Shambles Opens This Saturday In Maple Leaf

There are some good places to go in Seattle if you’re looking for butchery, charcuterie, smoked meats, sandwiches, sausages and the like.  There are also some good places to go in Seattle if you’re looking for an excellent selection of craft beers or some top notch craft cocktails.  Of course, trying to find all of these things under one roof has been a bit of a challenge, until now that is.  Set to open this coming Saturday, January 20th in Seattle’s Maple Leaf neighborhood is The Shambles, Seattle’s new North end destination where deli • meats • bar.

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Is ‘Children Welcome’ Really Such A Good Idea?


“Children under 21 welcome until 8:00PM”

It’s a sign you see often these days, at more and more bars around the Puget Sound (sometimes it’s 9:00PM, but the basic idea is the same).  It means, while visiting many local pubs, taverns and breweries, you’ll often see teenagers, young kids and even babies around as you enjoy your drink(s).  What prompted this change, and is it really such a good idea?

I first started seeing these signs pop up in a few pubs/taverns I frequent about two years ago.  One of the places I know, Big Time Brewery in Seattle’s University district, installed a ‘railing’ around the bar area just to facilitate this rule (children under 21 must remain outside the railing that indicates the ‘bar’ area at all times – even before 8:00PM).  Now, it seems even more places are adopting this rule, including places like The Yard Cafe in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood.

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