La Mort Bourbon Returns From Black Raven Brewing

Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) makes lots of excellent beers.  Their popular Kitty Kat Blues was recently added to their year-round lineup and what is probably their most overall popular beer, Wisdom Seeker, just made it’s annual return as well.  Now, Black Raven is preparing to bring back one of my absolute favorites.  Arriving this Friday, March 24th is their popular and award-winning La Mort Bourbon.

Part of Black Raven’s Corbeaux Series and crafted by aging their equally popular La Petite Mort in Kentucky bourbon barrels, La Mort Bourbon is a complex beer that satisfies fans of Belgian Ales and bourbon-barrel aged beers alike.  I’m a big fan of both, which helps explain why this is one of my favorite offerings from Black Raven.

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Barrel Junction Kicks Off This Saturday At The Beer Junction


How can anyone limit themselves to just a single style of beer?  Sure, I’m a serious hophead at heart, but I never limit myself to just IPA’s.  I’m a fan of all styles but I do have to admit that, especially in the cold of winter, I’m a huge fan of barrel aged beers.

There’s just something special that happens to a beer when it’s aged in Bourbon, Whiskey, Tequila, Brandy, Wine or other barrels.  They impart complex flavors, new characteristics, perhaps a slight boost in ABV, etc.  That’s why I’m glad that the 4th Annual Barrel Junction at The Beer Junction in West Seattle is almost here.

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