Chainline Brewing Prepares For Their 4th Anniversary

Cycling is huge in the Northwest. Far more than just a recreational vehicle, bicycles are the primary mode of transportation for many people around the Puget Sound. That’s a big part of the reason that Chainline Brewing Company in Kirkland is so cycle/outdoor activities-focused. Their name was inspired by the active, outdoor lifestyles that are so prevalent in the Northwest and their brewery and taproom is located right next to the Cross-Kirkland’s bicycle corridor.

Now, I’m not much of a cyclist myself, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy their beers all the same. Their most popular offerings include their Tune Up IPA and their Polaris Pilsner, which won a Silver Medal at the Great American Beer Festival in 2017. Perhaps you’ll even find a few new favorites from Chainline this weekend, as they prepare to celebrate their 4th Anniversary with the release of 4 different styles of a Saison from their Old Growth Series and the return of some of their most popular offerings from the past.

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Counterbalance Brewing Prepares For Their 4th Anniversary

How long can a duck stand on one leg?  Well, the mascot for Counterbalance Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) has been doing it for nearly 4 years now and he’s definitely ready to party.  You may recall that Counterbalance’s Multipass IPA came in as one of the finalists during Novemberfest at Beveridge Place Pub late last year and now they have another Fifth Element inspired beer coming your way as they prepare to celebrate another trip around the sun.

Come join Counterbalance Brewing this Friday and Saturday, January 25th and 26th, as they celebrate their 4th Anniversary with some new and returning beer releases, including their 4th Anniversary Big Bada Boom Hazy Double Mango IPA and 2019 Bourbon Barrel Kushetka Imperial Stout aged in 2Bar Spirits Bourbon Barrels.

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Counterbalance Brewing Prepares For Their 3rd Anniversary

Apparently, it’s anniversary season yet again in Seattle.  Lowercase Brewing celebrated their 4th anniversary just this past weekend, Naked City has their 10th anniversary coming up this week, and The Shambles, which opened just this past weekend, will celebrate their 1st anniversary one year from now.

Now, with February almost upon us, Counterbalance Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor), is getting ready to celebrate their 3rd anniversary with 2 days of celebration and 2 beer releases, including their first ever Barleywine: Flight Risk.

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Foggy Noggin Is Hosting A Barleywine Vertical Tasting Event


Are you a fan of English style barleywines?  If you aren’t familiar with the style, English barleywines, as compared to American style barleywines, tend to be just a bit more on the sweet side with a more subdued hop character and more fruit esters.

Are you also a fan of small batch breweries?  Then Foggy Noggin Brewing Company out of Bothell (ones of Washington’s smallest production craft breweries) has an event coming up that should be right up your alley.  Next Friday, February 17th from 6 pm – 8 pm, Foggy Noggin is hosting a vertical tasting (2013, 2015, 2016) of their English style barleywine: Duck’s Ass.  There are only 20 spots available for this special vertical tasting and the cost is $30 per person.

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2017 Old Birdbrain Barleywine Arrives This Weekend From Black Raven


Barleywine season is almost here.  The 15th Annual Hard Liver Barleywine Festival is coming up next month at Brouwer’s Cafe and the 15th Annual Barleywine Bacchanal will happen at Beveridge Place Pub in March.  With these and other barleywine festivals on the way, local breweries are working hard to get their 2017 barley wines ready to go.

To that end, Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) is just about ready to release their 2017 Old Birdbrain Barleywine, which has been a multiple award winner at the annual Great Alaskan Beer & Barleywine Festival. This year’s vintage will arrive this coming Friday, Jaunary 27th.

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Old Birdbrain Returns From Black Raven Brewing


Barleywine season usually happens close to the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring.  However, there is no reason a barleywine must be released around that time.  Anytime is a good time for a great barleywine, and Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) has brought back a multiple award winner.

Just this past Saturday, June 4th Black Raven released the 2016 Vintage of Old Birdbrain Barleywine.  Sorry I didn’t tell you about the release before the 4th, but I was out of town and didn’t have access to a computer while I was away.

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It’s Almost Barleywine Season At Beveridge Place Pub And Brouwer’s Cafe – UPDATED 2/26


Last month, I told you about the 12th Annual Hard Liver Barleywine Festival coming to Brouwer’s Café on Saturday, March 15th.  Now, Beveridge Place Pub has announced the kickoff date for their 12th Annual Barleywine Bacchanal.  Starting on Saturday, March 1st and continuing until Friday, March 7th, or until they run out, this bodacious bastion of barleywine bacchanalia will have well over 50 different barleywines on tap for you to enjoy.  At least 30 of Beveridge Place Pub’s taps will be taken over during the Bacchanal, but you’ll have to visit more than once if you want to try them all.

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Brouwer’s Cafe’s 12th Annual Hard Liver Barleywine Festival Starts March 15th – UPDATED 3/12

Logos From Previous Hard Liver Festivals

The holidays are over and we’re deep in the heart of Winter around the Sound.  I’m just glad we haven’t been experiencing the extremely frigid temperatures much of the nation has had to deal with recently.   Ofcourse, the rain has returned and should be sticking around with us for a while (with a possible break this Saturday for the Seahawks vs. Saints division playoff game).  Just do your best to stay warm and dry; perhaps while enjoying a delicious craft beer.  You can even get one if you’ll be at the game.  Century Link Field has been named the #1 best NFL Stadium for craft beer selection in the nation by The Daily Meal.

Though it’s only January, that doesn’t mean we can’t start thinking about one of the great joys approaching for Seattle area craft beer enthusiasts.  Namely: Barleywine festivals.  Each year, throughout the Winter and early Spring, craft breweries across the nation and the World start releasing their barleywines and a few different annual events are approaching to celebrate these wonderfully robust creations.

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Seattle Beer Week So Far (5/9 – 5/12)

My Pint Of SBW 5th Anniversary Pale Ale & A Six Pack To Go

My Pint Of SBW 5th Anniversary Pale Ale & A Six Pack To Go

Today, Monday, May 13th, is the 5th day of Seattle Beer Week 2013.   Before I head out to ‘Can You Handle My Randall’ today at The Pine Box, I wanted to recap for you the events I have attended during the first four days up until the 12th.  In all, I have attended nine different events so far, including three stops on the 9th – kickoff night, at several locations all around the city.

Things kicked off for me on the 9th with a little personal pre-event at Fremont Brewing.  I wanted to try a pint of the official Seattle Beer Week Pale Ale, and grab a six pack to take home before things started to get too crazy.  Fremont did a great job with the Pale Ale.  It’s a nice, flavorful session Ale that’s been a great accompaniment to the wonderful, warm weather we’ve been having lately.

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The 11th Annual Hard Liver Barleywine Festival


Seattle’s premiere barleywine festival, Hard Liver, is coming back to Brouwer’s Cafe next Saturday, March 23rd.  Held each year since 2002, this annual celebration of the best barleywines the craft beer World has to offer actually started its life before Brouwer’s Cafe even existed.  The first couple of Hard Liver festivals were held at the Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Association, long before Brouwer’s Cafe opened their doors and then the fest moved to Brouwer’s the year they opened.

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