Seattle Beer Week Starts Tomorrow – Craft Beer Monger’s Picks


Last week I mentioned that, this year for Seattle Beer Week, I’ll be scaling back my participation a bit from the previous few years.  “This is due primarily to some work and school commitments, but also due to some personal financial considerations.  I may attend more than one event on certain days, but for the most part, one event a day is what I’m budgeted for this year.”  The events I outlined in that post seemed to be the most cost effective for anyone trying to do Seattle Beer Week on a tight budget, while giving you the most overall value for your dollar.  However, they weren’t all necessarily the exact events I plan on attending myself.

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American Brewing Company’s Second Anniversary Celebration Is March 2nd


Back in early 2011, a former real estate development professional joined forces with a veteran brewmaster and American Brewing Company was born.  Ready for new challenges when the economy slowed down real estate deveopment, Neil Fallon knew he wanted to start a brewery, but he was new to the industry and was looking for the perfect partner to help his new venture be a success.  Skip Madsen, who has brewed at Pike Brewing, Big Time Brewing, Boundary Bay Brewing and the old Water Street Brewing was just the partner Neil was looking for.

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