Fall Line Russian Imperial Stout Returns Today From Two Beers Brewing


I’m a fan of all different styles of craft beer, but I think my two favorite styles are barrel aged Stouts and IPAs (actually, double IPAs).  So, whenever I hear of an impending barrel aged Stout release, I get a little excited.

Unfortunately, since I’m currently doing a dry 30 days (no alcohol from January 26th to February 25th), I won’t be able to enjoy the latest Alta Series release from Two Beers Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) until this Saturday.  For the rest of you, however, drop by The Woods today when they open their doors at 3 pm and grab yourself a few bottles of Fall Line Russian Imperial Stout. They’ll also have it on tap for you to enjoy.

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Overhang Bourbon Imperial Porter Returns From Two Beers Brewing


If you’re a fan of barrel aged stouts and porters then you know that Fall can be a trying time for your wallet.  Over the past couple of months, I’ve been to several different barrel aged beer releases and, by no means, was I alone at these releases.  Most had a line stretching down the street and around the corner with many people in line buying up to their allowed limit.

Well, I hope you haven’t depleted your holiday season craft beer spending limit yet, because Two Beers Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) is pleased to announce the return of Overhang Bourbon Imperial Porter this Friday, December 16th at The Woods taproom.

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Year Two Of The Alta Series & The Launch Of Single Hop, Single Farm From Two Beers Brewing


Back in February of 2013, Two Beers Brewing Company released the first in their new Alta Series of beers: a Russian Imperial Stout called Switchback.  Clocking in at 12% ABV, it was a monster with big rich flavors like chocolate, vanilla raisin, whiskey and more.  However, its measly 12% was nothing compared with Two Beers Brewing’s second release in their Alta Series: Ascension Triple IPA.  Coming in at a whopping 15.4% ABV and over 100 IBUs, this one was, put simply, over the top.  I sometimes referred to it as a beer screwdriver, due to its big citrus flavor and high alcoholic content.  Switchback and Ascension were followed up by High Divide Double Blonde and Overhang Bourbon Imperial Porter to round out the Alta Series.

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Ascension Returns As The Second Release In Two Beers Brewing’s Alta Series


Back in February of this year, Two Beers Brewing Company released the first in their new ‘Alta Series’ of limited edition beers.  That release was their Switchback Russian Imperial Stout, a delicious and hearty 12% Imperial Stout.  Now, with Seattle Beer Week upon us, Two Beers is set to release the next beer in the Alta Series: Ascension Triple IPA.  First released as the flagship beer for the Seattle International Beerfest last year, Ascension is set for re-release this coming Saturday, May 18th at Two Beers Brewing Company’s ‘The Woods’ taproom.

Billed as a ‘true triple’, this limited edition ale clocks in at a whopping 15.4% ABV and over 100+ IBUs.  It uses three times the amount of hops as Two Beers’ popular Evolutionary IPA, which was also the base recipe for Ascension.

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