Let Tavour Help You Discover New Beers While We’re Locked Down

What a year it’s been. We’ve had to deal with political madness, various ongoing marches and protests across the nation, mask mandates and lockdowns that have hurt and even destroyed so many businesses and forced so many onto unemployment, sports teams playing without any fans in the stands, and more. Thank God for beer, right? It provides at least a bit of joy in these dark and uncertain times.

As I’m sure most of you know, during this latest lockdown, I encourage all of my readers to do their part in supporting our local craft breweries, craft bottle shops and craft beer bars (at least those who are able to still serve right now because they have outdoor seating). They need our help to survive and we want them to still be around when things finally get back to normal – or whatever the new normal will be. Just be sure to always wear your mask and practice proper social distancing when picking up your beverages from your favorite places.

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Good Food & Drinks At Moctezuma’s



There’s more to life than just beer.  Yep, I said it, and it’s true.  Sometimes, even someone who loves craft beer as much as I do needs a change of pace.  Also, since I love Mexican food – both traditional and Tex-Mex, a good Margarita and perhaps a shot of tequila or two is something I always enjoy.

This past Saturday, my wife Lynn and I were in the mood to go out for dinner and a few drinks, so we headed to Moctezuma’s Mexican Restaurant and Tequila Bar at the Southcenter Mall, who had learned about my interest when I emailed them with a Margarita question, and graciously offered to buy us dinner and drinks.  Moctezuma’s also has locations in Tacoma, Gig Harbor and a new location coming soon in Silverdale.  The Tacoma location was their first, having been opened back in 1978 by Arturo and Magdelena Garcia.  Their son, Bernie, took the reigns from Mom & Dad and is the one responsible for their continued success and expansion.

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Odin Hosts Their Own Winterfest This Coming Saturday


Odin Brewing Company first launched back in December of 2009, but have grown quickly.  Their mission of creating not just a few large, single-batch beers but instead focusing on brewing beers that pair well with different foods has served them well.  Most of Odin’s beers are available year round, with just a few special limited/seasonal releases like Equinox Dark Belgian Strong Ale with Brettanomyces yeast or Whiskey Barrel Aged Stout.

Odin originally had two locations: the brewery itself in Seattle’s South Park neighborhood and Odin’s Tap Room, Asgard Tavern, in Fremont.  What many people may not be aware of, however, is that Odin has been in the process of moving their entire operation to their new location in Tukwila, WA, just outside Southcenter Mall and right next door to California Pizza Kitchen (you can even order pizza from CPK while you’re enjoying a few pints at Odin, and you’ll find a few Odin beers on tap at CPK!)

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Odin Brewing Is Moving To Tukwila


Odin Brewing Company set up shop about 5 years ago in Seattle’s South Park neighborhood (I’m talking about the brewery itself, not Odin’s Asgard Tavern in Fremont), adhering to the philosophy of brewing beers that would pair great with different foods.

From Odin Brewing:

The Odin Brewing journey begins here.  Designing and crafting beers worthy of your dinner table.  Beer that will complement your foods, rather than do battle against them.  Beer designed for the myriad of culinary options we are blessed with in the Pacific Northwest. Great beer designed with great food in mind!

Since opening, they’ve been quite successful with that philosophy and have been growing rapidly.  So much so that they’re running out of space in their current facility.  As a result, Odin Brewing Company is now in the process of moving the brewery to a new, 15,000 square foot facility in Tukwila, right by Southcenter Mall and adding a tasting room at the brewery.

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