Two Beers Brewing Prepares For Their 10th Anniversary


With so many breweries in Seattle, it seems like there’s always an anniversary celebration just around the corner (not that I’m complaining or anything!).  Over the past few months I’ve told you about anniversary celebrations from such local breweries as Lucky Envelope, Hellbent, Stoup and Naked City and there’s still more anniversary celebrations to come before the year is out.

Now Two Beers Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) is getting ready to celebrate a major milestone.  Coming up on Saturday, November 4th, they’ll be celebrating their 10th Anniversary. Rather than celebrating for just one day, however, Two Beers has nearly an entire week of events lined up, culminating with the Grand Celebration on the 4th.

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Naked City Celebrates Their 9th Anniversary On Camano Island

The location of a craft brewery can sometimes influence how often you might visit.  If a brewery you enjoy is further away from you, then you have to decide if the quality of the beer and the atmosphere of the establishment are worth the extra time and effort.  I’m chagrined to say that I don’t always take the time or make the effort I should to visit breweries that are a bit father from home (my unusual work schedule doesn’t help either).  Don’t get me wrong though, I do plan the occasional day or even overnight trip to visit breweries that are a bit of a trek, including breweries in Bellingham, Spokane, Portland, Bend, etc.

Naked City Brewery & Taphouse up in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood has been one of my local favorites for years but, unfortunately, I don’t take the time to head North to visit them as often as I should.  When they opened their new Camano Island location back in April though, I made sure I took the time to head up for a visit.  It’s a great location and, style-wise, not much different from their original location in Greenwood.  Now with their 9th Anniversary approaching, Naked City has decided to celebrate at their Camano Island location with a new Fall food menu, some rare Naked City beers and a Mug Club.

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Black Raven’s 8th Annual Flock Party & Ravenmaster Club Open Enrollment

Each year around this time, there’s a big party out in Redmond.  If you’re a fan of Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor), then you know that I’m referring, of course, to their annual Flock Party anniversary celebration.

Set to take place on Saturday, May 6th from noon – 7 pm, this year’s Flock Party will include live music, plenty of ‘rare birds’ (rare and unique Black Raven beers, including some Tiki-drink inspired infusions this year), food, a retail merchandise booth and even an outdoor cigar lounge/booth.  Well-behaved and leashed dogs will also be welcome and, if you run short on cash, there will be an ATM on site.

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Two Beers Brewing & Seattle Cider Launch The Woods 3.0


It takes a lot of courage, dedication and countless hours of hard work to turn a dream into reality.  Two Beers Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) and Seattle Cider Company founder, Joel VandenBrink, found the courage to follow his dream way back in 2007 and, this week, the next part of that dream comes alive.

Two Beers’ first tiny tasting room opened in 2009 at their current location on Ohio Avenue South.  With just 6 seats at the bar and four beers on tap, it wasn’t long before it was clear that an expansion was needed.  So, in late 2011, Two Beers Brewing opened The Woods 2.0 (the first version of the taproom to officially sport ‘The Woods’ moniker).  The new, larger space featured more taps, a 45 foot reclaimed wood bar top and a ‘woodsy’ tree line painted on the walls.

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Expansion Plans And The Latest Alta Series Release From Two Beers Brewing


2015 is here and, along with it, comes yet another expansion for Two Beers Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor).  Since their modest beginnings back in 2007, brewing just 100 barrels a year, Two Beers Brewing Company has continued to grow to meet the ever-increasing demand for their brews.  Also, since launching their incredibly popular sister company, Seattle Cider Company, in August 2013, the need for more space has become clear to anyone visiting The Woods (the shared taproom for Two Beers Brewing Company and Seattle Cider Company).  Things can get pretty crowded these days, even on weeknights.  In order to fulfill the demand for more space, The Woods will be moving.  Don’t worry though.  They’re only moving about 50 feet.  Two Beers/Seattle Cider recently took over the space immediately to the North of their current location (the space formerly occupied by Resolute lighting).

A larger tap room isn’t the only reason for the expansion.  Two Beers Company and especially Seattle Cider Company have been growing so quickly, this expansion is an absolute must.  When Seattle Cider Company first launched less than 2 years ago, they planed things out carefully and set a sales goal of how much cider they wanted to be selling within 5 years.  To their astonishment, they reached that 5 year goal in just 6 months, which is pretty incredible.

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Two Beers Brewing Celebrates 7 Years – UPDATED 11/8 WITH TAP LIST

Seventh Anniversary Poster copy

Two Beers Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) has been quite a success story.  From their humble beginnings back in 2007, brewing just 100 barrels a year, Two Beers Brewing has grown steadily and now brews nearly six thousand barrels of beer per year out of their brewery on Ohio Avenue South in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood.  ‘Officially’, according to their website, they brew twelve distinct beers, but that number jumps to more than twenty when you include all of their seasonals, casks and infusions.

Two Beers Brewing Company is also one of those breweries that I can put on a very short and very special list: the list of breweries that, I can honestly say, don’t brew a single beer that I don’t like.  Granted, not every one of their beers is my favorite, but every beer in their lineup is solid, brewed to style and a genuine pleasure to drink.  There will be a new addition to their ever-growing lineup as well, when Two Beers celebrates their 7th Anniversary on Saturday, November 8th.  That date will mark both the return of Overhang Bourbon Imperial Porter from Two Beers’ Alta Series as well as the release of  a special 7th Anniversary American Sour Ale.  Both beers will be available on tap during the anniversary celebration and in bottles to go.

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Ascension Returns From Two Beers Brewing Company – UPDATED 4/24

Ascension Triple IPA

Ascension Triple IPA

A little over two years ago, in February of 2013, Two Beers Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) released what was, ‘officially’, the first of their new Alta Series of beers: Switchback Russian Imperial Stout.  I say ‘officially’, because some lucky people got to try what would actually become the second beer in the Alta Series, Ascension Triple IPA, back at the 2012 Seattle International Beer Festival(SIBF)).

The entire line up of Two Beers Brewing Company Alta Series of beers includes: Switchback Russian Imperial Stout (Later re-dubbed Fall Line Russian Imperial Stout), Ascension Triple IPA, High Divide Double Blonde and Overhang Imperial Porter.  Early next month, on May 3rd, what is officially the second beer in the Alta Series, Ascension Triple IPA, returns for its second annual release (really its 3rd release overall, including the 2012 one-off appearance at the 2012 SIBF).

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Join The Ravenmasters Mug Club 4/27 At Noon


Do you enjoy beers from Black Raven Brewing Company?  I know I sure do.  Black Raven makes some truly delicious beers that rate high on my list, including: Wisdom Seeker Double IPA, Trickster IPA, La Petite Mort, Grandfather Raven Imperial Stout, Old Birdbrain Barleywine; the list goes on and on.  I don’t get over to Redmond to visit Black Raven nearly as often as I’d like but, if you do, you might want to consider joining Ravenmasters – the Black Raven Brewing Company mug club.

Mug club memberships are both a great way to show your loyalty to a particular brewery, as well as providing you with a wealth of benefits that save you money in the long run, and give you exclusive and/or early access to special offerings before the general public.  I’m a member of the Two Beers Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) mug club myself, since Two Beers is close to home for me, I visit there fairly often and the beers are delicious.

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Year Two Of The Alta Series & The Launch Of Single Hop, Single Farm From Two Beers Brewing


Back in February of 2013, Two Beers Brewing Company released the first in their new Alta Series of beers: a Russian Imperial Stout called Switchback.  Clocking in at 12% ABV, it was a monster with big rich flavors like chocolate, vanilla raisin, whiskey and more.  However, its measly 12% was nothing compared with Two Beers Brewing’s second release in their Alta Series: Ascension Triple IPA.  Coming in at a whopping 15.4% ABV and over 100 IBUs, this one was, put simply, over the top.  I sometimes referred to it as a beer screwdriver, due to its big citrus flavor and high alcoholic content.  Switchback and Ascension were followed up by High Divide Double Blonde and Overhang Bourbon Imperial Porter to round out the Alta Series.

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Are You Ready To Join The Mile High Club?

Are you ready to take flight and join a very exclusive club?  Airways Brewing Company, the Kent brewery that has brought you beers such as: Sky Hag IPA, Jet City ESB, Starliner Stout and more is launching a mug club!  

The ‘Mile High Mug Club’, which is set to take flight on September 8th, will be available to the first 50 people to sign up.  It will offer exclusive benefits and discounts to its members.  Members will also be able to earn ‘Frequent Flyer Miles’, which can be saved up and put towards rewards such as pint glasses, growlers, hats and more.  Here is the full press release from Airways Brewing Company:

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