Claude Batch 2 Has Arrived From Fair Isle Brewing

Since they first opened their doors back in January of 2020, Fair Isle Brewing quickly gained a well earned reputation for making some of the very best Saisons and Farmhouse Ales in Seattle. On my very first visit last January, I was extremely impressed with the quality of every single beer I tried. Unlike some other new breweries, there was no learning curve here. Fair Isle opened their doors knowing what they were doing.

If you’re a fan of Saisons/Farmhouse Ales and you still haven’t tried any beers from Fair Isle, you’re truly missing out. As the weather warms up out there, it’s the perfect time for them to re-release a summer favorite: Claude.

Here is some more information about this release from Fair Isle Brewing:



batch two
an oak-aged ale refermented on white peaches
7.6% ABV
375ml | 750ml | 1.5L | Draft

Claude exhibits gratifying notes of peaches, vanilla and toasted almonds followed by a bright acidity. We’ve always enjoyed how white peaches complement our house yeast culture, but the soft tannic structure from the oak brings exciting new layers to Claude.

Made from our base farmhouse ale brewed in 2019 with Skagit Valley Malts, Claude rested in oak puncheons for nine months, then refermented with white peaches from Collins Family Orchard grown in Selah, WA for three months before being packaged in October 2020.

Batch two of Claude follows the trend that Tove set, with more pronounced fruit notes and complexity from an older oak-aged farmhouse base than the inaugural batch.  

375mL x 64 cases | 750ml x 52 cases | 1.5L Magnum x 1 case

Last Summer we increased the amount of beer we bottled and reduced draft to chase the ever shifting market of life during COVID. Since our beers require a bit more time from brew to glass than a typical IPA or Lager, we’re in this transition period where you all are drinking more draft than we packaged a few months ago, and as a result, we’ve got a limited draft list but a beautiful assortment of bottle beer.

To make up for this,
we’re now offering 20% off bottles for on-site enjoyment! 

We have a beautiful stock of saisons like Eugene, Gemma with foraged elderflower and rose hips and oak-aged beers like Tove with blackberries. Grab a 375ml, or split a bottle with a friend!

We were humbled to be joined by so many of you for our first anniversary party, but for those who couldn’t be here, we wanted to make sure your didn’t miss out— so we bundled our commemorative shirt and glassware and knocked a little off the price to thank you all for your support. Get our limited edition “One” shirt and a matching Rastal goblet for 20% off! 

Shipped nationwide to your door through our online store or pick it up at our brewery.

Order Fair Isle’s first anniversary bundle HERE.

As noted above, Claude is available now on draft and in bottles to go. If you’re a fan of peach Saisons, this is a can’t miss beer.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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