Hellbent Brewing Announces Moon Tower Stout Collaboration With Boon Boona Coffee

How do you prefer your Stouts? Do you like them with hazelnuts, or cocoa, or coffee, or vanilla, or any number of other possible adjuncts? Or are you a Stout purist, who prefers their Stouts have no adjuncts whatsoever? Personally, I’m right in the middle. I love a good, pure, basic Stout, but I also enjoy many of the Stouts with various adjuncts added. Coffee is probably one of my favorites.

Hellbent Brewing Company in Lake City has a few Stouts under their belt. Their most well known is probably their Big Island Toasted Coconut Stout. Now, Hellbent is preparing to release their next Stout; a collaboration with Boon Boona Coffee Company out of Renton. It arrives this Thursday, February 25th.

Processed with Focos

Here is some more information about this beer from Hellbent Brewing Company:


Moon Tower Stout with Owemba Coffee

February 25, 2021

12:00 pm
Hellbent Brewing Company
13035 Lake City Way NE
Seattle WA 98125

8:00 am
Boon Boona Coffee
724 S 3rd St
Renton, WA 98057

When our production team wanted to add coffee to our customer-favorite Moon Tower Stout, we instantly thought of our friends and previous collaborators at Boon Boona Coffee. Head Brewer/Owner Brian Young and our Customer Experience Coordinator (proud “beer nerd” and former Coffee Master) Dani Dutro worked directly with Boon Boona’s CEO/Founder Efrem Fesaha, Director of Coffee Ali Güldüren, and Lead Roaster Alex Carlson (home brewer) to find the perfect coffee to add to our stout. Boon Boona hosted a coffee tasting, giving many options and concentrations, and the team settled on the versatile Owemba highlighting its sweet chocolate characteristics in cold extraction applications.

Moon Tower already has notes of mild roasted coffee and toasted caramel, and the addition of Boon Boona’s Owemba coffee enhances these while adding a rich chocolate finish to our medium-bodied, dry, smooth, year-round stout making it the perfect “breakfast beer”/anytime stout.

Find this new collaboration at our locations, come talk coffee and beer with us! Despite the difficulties that the pandemic has brought both our industries, Hellbent & Boon Boona remain dedicated to providing spaces for community, conversation, and the enjoyment of handcrafted beverages with friends. We’re excited to share and celebrate Boon Boona’s upcoming expansion to Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood! Stay tuned to their social for details – cheers!

6.4% ABV
12 IBU
Contains caffeine
Available on-draft at Hellbent or in 12oz 4-packs at Hellbent and Boon Boona.

Full coffee description and sourcing information can be found on Boon Boona’s website at https://www.boonboonacoffee.com/collections/coffee/products/owemba

Head up to Hellbent Brewing Company at noon this Thursday to try Moon Tower Stout with Owemba Coffee on tap, and grab a 4-pack to go. Can’t wait until noon? You can also get it at Boon Boona Coffee at 8 am (4-Packs only – not on tap).

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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