Let Tavour Help You Discover New Beers While We’re Locked Down

What a year it’s been. We’ve had to deal with political madness, various ongoing marches and protests across the nation, mask mandates and lockdowns that have hurt and even destroyed so many businesses and forced so many onto unemployment, sports teams playing without any fans in the stands, and more. Thank God for beer, right? It provides at least a bit of joy in these dark and uncertain times.

As I’m sure most of you know, during this latest lockdown, I encourage all of my readers to do their part in supporting our local craft breweries, craft bottle shops and craft beer bars (at least those who are able to still serve right now because they have outdoor seating). They need our help to survive and we want them to still be around when things finally get back to normal – or whatever the new normal will be. Just be sure to always wear your mask and practice proper social distancing when picking up your beverages from your favorite places.

This latest lockdown means it’s best to order online and do curbside or contactless pickup whenever possible. It also means that discovering new beers might be more difficult, since you don’t want to spend a lot of time browsing in a possibly crowded shop. So, how you can continue to discover new beers while keeping yourself totally safe? One word: Tavour. They’re even local! They’re based right here in Tukwila, near Southcenter Mall.

I’ve written about Tavour several times before, but now seemed like a good time for a reminder. If you’d like an easy way to discover some great beers from breweries across the nation, many of which don’t distribute to Washington, then Tavour has you covered. I’ve been with Tavour for a few years now, and I’m still constantly finding great new beers to try – many from breweries I’ve never even heard of before – or breweries I’ve heard of but never been able to get my hands on here in Washington.

Just a few of the great breweries I’ve discovered using Tavour include: Untitled Art Brewing from Waunakee, Wisconsin, 903 Brewers from Sherman, Texas, Blackstack Brewing from St. Paul, Minnesota, New Image Brewing from Arvada, Colorado, Hubbard’s Cave from Niles, IL, and many, many more. When you sign up with Tavour, I highly recommend turning on notifications for the app. Several of the beers and bundles Tavour puts out (such as the extremely popular barleywines & Stouts from Anchorage Brewing) go fast once they hit the app. If you don’t have notifications on, you’ll likely miss out on many of their more popular offerings. For example, they recently added a holiday bundle from Epic Brewing from Lake City, Utah, which consisted of four different Epic Brewing 22 oz bottles (See image below) for $85. That particular bundle didn’t last long at all before it was sold out.

Be sure to sign up for Tavour’s newsletter as well. They follow national craft beer trends put together bundles, and make suggestions on beers you might want to watch for in the app. They made several great suggestions for Oktoberfest beers and recently put out a message reminding users that Tavour is also a great way to gift beer. We can’t attend birthday parties, weddings or other celebratiosn during the lockdown, but we can use Tavour to send the gift of beer.

Here’s a note from their October newsletter regarding some holiday bundles to be on the lookout for: “The bundles will feature beers from the likes of Fremont Brewing, Perennial Artisan Ales, Other Half Brewing, and several other lauded breweries. They promise to offer unique gift-giving options and will include barrel-aged stouts, fruited sour ales, IPAs, and an additional assortment of styles to excite every type of beer drinker. For some of these exceptional beers, Tavour is the only place to snag them. For many others, consumers would have to trek all the way to the brewery on release day to even get a shot at them.

Receiving your beers from Tavour is easy. You can set the date you want your crate to close in the app. and then your beers will be shipped out to you safely and securely. Alternatively, if you’re local to the Seattle area, you can schedule a pickup date and time to pick up your beers from Tavour’s offices in Tukwila (scheduled pickups only and mask required) . Either way, I think you’ll find yourself always looking forward to receiving your next crate and enjoying all your newly discovered beers. Want to expand your choices even further? No problem. Tavour has also started carrying alcoholic seltzers and meads. You’ll find new selections in the app. on a near daily basis. How much you want to spend is up to you. Please note though that some highly sought after beers can carry a higher price point. Don’t worry though. You’ll always see the price before you click [Get It]. Order just a couple of beers, or order 20. It’s your choice. Sign up with Tavour today and start your journey of discovery.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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