Georgetown Brewing Cans Manny’s For The First Time

Our World is changing. These days, most of us aren’t going about our usual daily routines the way we were just a few months ago. We’ve all had to make adjustments and that’s especially true of local small businesses, like breweries, trying to stay afloat in these trying times. Willingness to try new things has become a necessity for survival.

It wasn’t until just a couple of years ago that Georgetown Brewing Company started canning some of their beers. You can walk into just about any store that carries craft beer these days and find canned six-packs of Lucille, Roger’s Pilsner or Bodhizafa IPA. However, Georgtown’s flagship beer: Manny’s Pale Ale, has been conspicuously missing from their canned offerings, until now that is. On Saturday, May 23rd, Georgetown Brewing will offer Manny’s in the can for the first time.

Here is some more information about this release from Georgetown Brewing Company:

I thought you’d never can Manny’s?! Well, we also never thought our world would be devastated by a global pandemic. 

When we started canning beer at Georgetown Brewing, we figured leaving Manny’s Pale Ale as a draft-only beer would help us stay connected to the foundation of our business: the bars and restaurants that first served our beer.  If you want a pint of Manny’s, you have to go out, be social and support your local bar or restaurant. That’s why, for our first 14 years in business, we only sold kegs. It was also our excuse to drink beer at bars and call it “work”.
Now, more than ever, your local bar and restaurant needs your help. They have always been there for you. They have fed you, they have provided shelter, they have kept you hydrated… and your favorite bartender has listened to every one of your stupid stories. It’s time to return the favor. 
100% of our profits from the sale of Manny’s cans will go to support bar and restaurant workers throughout the state of Washington. 
These cans are a limited release, and when this pandemic ends, we’ll see you at the bar for a pint and a cheers. 
– Manny and Roger

As our state starts to talk about a phased approach to recovery, it might seem like the need for fundraising is over. But the fact is, while there is talk of reopenings and a return to “normal”, it’s going to take time, and bar and restaurant employees will be the new wave of workers on the “front lines”. Keeping safe while moving forward will keep that recovery within our grasp, and while immediate needs may be changing, support is still needed.

Our hope is to aid in that recovery. Donations will be made to Big Table in Seattle and Spokane, The Plate Fund, We Are Yakima fund and other non profit organizations helping to support employees in the food and beverage industry in Washington State.

An undertaking like this doesn’t happen without partners, and we have a lot to thank:

The generosity of Great Western Malting, Hollingbery & Son Hops, Hopsteiner and Roy Farms was vital to this project, whether through the sourcing and donation of ingredients, or cash contributions.

Getting cans and packaging made is not a fast process – it takes time, and the speed with which this project was turned around cannot be overstated. We’d like to give Crown Beverage and Packaging and WestRock a huge shoutout for their ability to fast track this project in their facilities, especially during a time when they are already slammed due to increased demand.

And our distributors – the folks that are the reason you can get our beer somewhere besides the brewery: Columbia Distributing, Columbia Wenatchee, Crown Distributing, Midway Beverage, Pioneer Distribution and Tripp Distributing. They all stepped up to not only get the beer in stores quickly, but are donating all or a portion of profits.

This limited six week run of 6 packs of Manny’s Pale Ale should be available at the brewery beginning Saturday May 23rd and available in Washington stores starting Wednesday May 27th.

As noted above, proceeds from this first ever canned release of Manny’s will benefit several non profit organizations helping to support employees in the food and beverage industry in Washington. Doing your part to help is easy. Just come on down to the brewery on the 23rd to pick up some canned Manny’s to enjoy while you’re stuck at home.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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