The 18th Annual Hard Liver Fest & Other Upcoming Events At Brouwer’s Cafe

Seattle certainly has its share of craft beer events and festivals. I’ve been to more than my fair share and I’m betting many of you have as well. Some of my favorite annual events take place at one of my favorite craft beer bars in the city: Brouwer’s Cafe. I first discovered Brouwer’s way back in 2005, the year they opened, and immediately fell in love. They have great, Belgian inspired food and always have a great tap selection – especially during events/festivals.

Brouwer’s has several great events coming up over the next month. It all kicks off with the 18th annual Hard Liver festival coming up this Saturday, February 29th and culminates with their 15th anniversary celebration on March 28th. Now I know what you’re thinking. How can this be the 18th Hard Liver fest but only Brouwer’s 15th anniversary? Not to worry. This is a logical explanation for this discrepancy. The first few years of the Hard Liver fest were held at the Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Center, before Brouwer’s Cafe opened.

After Hard Liver will be Drunk HERstory on March 11th, followed by 3 releases of the new Loam Temple IPA from Structures Brewing. This beer & release events combine the passions of mountain biking and craft beer. The first release will be at Bottleworks on March 13th, followed by a trial dig/shred day in the I-90 corridor (details forthcoming) and a release on March 21st at Structures Brewing in Bellingham. Then, finally, comes Brouwer’s 15th anniversary celebration.


Here are some more details for all these events from Brouwer’s Cafe:

Hard Liver 2020
What were you doing when you turned 18? Looking forward to graduating high school and getting out of the house? Getting ready to take on the awesome responsibility of jury duty? Preparing to vote in a government election for the first time? Thinking about running for office? All of the above?

Well, we know someone who is turning 18 this year! The Hard Liver Barleywine Festival of course! That’s right! It’s been 18 years since the little start up festival put on by Bottleworks at the Phinney Ridge Community Center began. Now it can do almost anything; well, except drink at its own celebration, but that’s neither here nor there.

Barleywine probably won’t be running for office, but we know it’d have our vote if it decided to. Luckily, it’s great for watch parties. Let’s be honest, we’ll probably need a stiff drink or two to get us through this election cycle. Join us on February 29th and March 1stfor the 18th iteration of Hard Liver Barleywine Fest. We’ll have 40+ boozy barley treats for you to choose from, so remember that old timey adage…

Vote early, vote often, and vote Barleywine.

Potential Draftlist:

  • Alesmith Bourbon Bbl-Aged Old Numbskull ’16 Barleywine (11%)
  • Anacortes Old Sebastes ‘15 Barleywine (9.9%)
  • Big Time Old Wooly ’17 Barleywine (9.9%)
  • Block 15 Hypnosis ’20 Cognac Bbl-Aged Barleywine (12%)
  • Boneyard Femur ’20 Barleywine (11%)
  • Breakside French Quarter Brandy Bbl-Aged Ryewine (9.9%)
  • Cloudburst Old Tubthumper Westland Bbl-Aged Barleywine (11.9%)
  • De Dochter van de Korenaar L’ensemble BA Barleywine (12.5%)
  • Ecliptic Barrel-Aged Orange Giant Barleywine ’16 (13.8%)Portland
  • Elysian Bbl-Aged Cyclops ’19 Barleywine (15%)
  • Ex Novo Nevermore ’19 BA Barleywine w/ Figs & Cocoa Beans(11.5%)
  • Firestone Walker Helldorado ’16 Blonde Barleywine (11.8%)
  • Firestone-Walker §ucaba Bbl-Aged Barleywine ’18 (12.5%)
  • Fremont Brew 3000 Bourbon BA English-Style Barleywine(13.2%)
  • Hair of the Dog Doggie Claws ’18 Barleywine (11.5%)
  • J.W. Lees Willoughby’s Port Bbl-Aged Harvest Ale (11.5%)
  • J.W. Lees Vintage Harvest Ale 2015 (11.5%)
  • Lost Abbey Bourbon Bbl-Aged Angels Share Barleywine ’15 (12.5%).
  • Machine House Barleywine 2019 Cask (10.5%)
  • Matchless Ol’ Lifewine ’19 Barleywine (10.9%)
  • Matchless/North Fork Where Is My Barleywine BA Barleywine(12.7%)
  • Matchless/North Fork Peated Where Is My Barleywine BA Barleywine(12.7%)
  • Midnight Sun Arctic Devil ’19 Oak-Aged Barleywine (13.2%)
  • Midnight Sun Termination Dust BA Belgian-Style Barleywine (13%)
  • Mikkeller Big Worse Barleywine (12%)
  • North Fork Spotted Owl
  • Oakshire Barleywine 2014 (10.4%)
  • Oakshire Twelve 12th Anniversary Bbl-Aged Barleywine (13.3%)
  • Old Schoolhouse Brewer’s Reserve ’18 Barleywine (12 %)
  • Old Schoolhouse Brewer’s Reserve Barleywine ’19 (12 %)
  • Old Stove Castaway ’19 Bourbon Bbl-Aged Barleywine (11%)
  • Page 24 Cognac Bbl-Aged Barleywine (10.9%)
  • pFriem Sherry Bbl-Aged Blonde Barleywine (13.5%)
  • Pike Old Bawdy Barleywine ’16 (9.9%)
  • Seven Seas Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barleywine 2019 (10.8%)
  • Sierra Nevada Aged Bigfoot ’17 Barleywine (11.6%)
  • Sierra Nevada Bigfoot ’14 Barleywine (9.6%)
  • Skookum Barren Wood ’19 Rye Whiskey Bbl-Aged Barleywine (11%)..
  • Skookum Heavy Is the Head That Wears the Crown BA Barleywine(13%)
  • Skookum In Ruins Bbl-Aged English Barleywine (12%)
  • Standard Flight of the Centaur Bourbon BA Barleywine (11.5%)
  • Reuben’s Brews Three Ryes Men ’19 Bbl-Aged Barleywine (13.7%)*
  • The Bruery White Oak Bourbon Bbl-Aged Wheatwine (12.5%)
  • Three Magnets Old Skook ’18 Barleywine (12.1%)


Drunk HERstory 2020
It’s an important year. Vision is at its peak and we are staring down the barrel of a huge election towards the end of it. That election will have long-lasting effects on our way of life. One of our favorite annual events, Drunk HERstory, was born in response to the results of the last presidential election.

Fearing cuts to some of the programs most vital to women’s health, some of the amazing women of the craft beer industry banded together to put on a show highlighting women in history and raising money for an organization that does so much for our population – Planned Parenthood.

Now in its fourth year, Drunk HERstory will once again take center stage to educate and entertain guests with fun skits highlighting some of the most badass womenaround. As has been tradition, proceeds from beer sales of this non-ticketed event will go directly to Planned Parenthood to help aid in their mission of providing affordable medical and reproductive health care to people of all genders, leading the reproductive health and rights movement, and advancing global health.

Please join us on March 11th at 6 p.m. for a wonderful tradition of celebrating women and especially the women of our terrific industry.

Loam – a fertile soil of clay and sand containing humus.
Temple– a building devoted to worship. aka a place where people worship

Last year it was “Dirt Church”, this year “Loam Temple”, but had we known how wet this winter would be, we might have dubbed it “Mud Shrine”! Why the nods to religion you ask?  Well, we all worship something (to some degree or another!), and for some of us it’s riding the dirt. I said just the other day “I don’t know where I’d be without mountain biking”, and the same holds true for the craft beer industry. Where these two communities intersect is where I live, breathe, drink and celebrate, and I’ve got lots of fantastic company!

Loam Temple is a way to say thanks, bring two passions together, and honor the folks that build and maintain mountain bike trails here in Washington (Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and WMBC), as well as make awesome beer (Structures Brewing).

How can you get involved?

Seattle Release/Events:

Friday, March 13th Bottleworkslocated in Wallingford will be selling 4 packs to go.  $2 from every 4 pack will be donated to Evergreen, they will also donate a $1 a pint.  From March 13- March 23 Brouwer’s will donate the proceeds from all pint sales of Loam Church to Evergreen, so stop in for a pint or 3.

Saturday, March 14—There will be a trial dig/shred day in the I-90 corridor, probably in the Raging River trail system.  Details are still being worked out.  The plan is to dig for a bit, then get some shredding in.  Stay tuned for more details. Here and on the Evergreen site.

Bellingham Release/

Saturday, March 21stSturctureswill release cans at the brewery when they open at noon and donated a portion of the sales to WMBC.  Kona and WMBC will host a trail day on Galby.  More Details to come.  We will all meet up at the brewery around 4 pm to have a few pints

Brouwer’s 15th Anniversary
Holy shit, we’re turning 15. While it could be warranted to talk about what we’ve strived to provide for the beer community and how, after 15 years, we are still committed to the mission of providing one of the very best venues in the Pacific Northwest to enjoy beer, it isn’t our style to sit back and rest on our laurels. It is a time to reflect and then look forward.

We want to say thank you.

Thank you to every person who has ever stepped foot into Brouwer’s to enjoy a craft we love so dearly. Thank you to every guest who’s asked a question, tried a new beer or style, made a bad joke, become a regular, pre-gamed for your flight, spent your lunch break here, etc. What we mean to say is this: we couldn’t and wouldn’t be here with each and every one of you. We’ve changed a little over the years as we’re tried to meet the needs of beer lovers, whiskey drinkers, quick lunch eaters, and people who just casually walked in. We’ve tried to always do our best. This anniversary is for you; all of you.

Thank you to our present and past employees. We can still open our doors because of your dedication to craft beer, Belgian cuisine, and customer service. Not all of our relationships ended amicably, but at least a story or two from each of your time here still gets passed on; you are still part of this place. This anniversary is for you; all of you.

Thank you to all the brewers, distillers, brand reps, purveyors, and distributors for keeping us in stock of all our favorite beers, spirits, and food items. Your tireless, and often overlooked, work makes our jobs here so much easier. Without your dedication to quality, this place wouldn’t be thought of in the same light. Not nearly. This anniversary is for you; all of you.

And maybe most importantly, thank you to Vern. For over 15 years, he has provided many of us with a place to call home. Never one to micro-manage and always one to praise, you will not find a better business owner to work for. The Seattle beer community is a stronger place thanks to you and Bonney’s vision to take a Belgian-style bier café and make it into a world-class beer destination. The lineage of some of the Northwest’s finest beer establishments can trace its path through these doors and our little community tucked in the rainy PNW is all the richer for it. This anniversary is for you; enjoy it.

This year, we will have two anniversary beers. The first is a collaborative effort between E9, of the Tacoma E9s, and Holy Mountain, two of the finest producers of craft beer the country has to offer. The beer will be a sour rosé-style beer that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. The second is a west coast-style IPA from the trio of Stoup, Standard, and Cloudburst. Both beers will be available to purchase from Bottleworks on the morning of the 28th.

In addition to those beers, we’ll have a few beers from each of the breweries, some of our past anniversary beers, and some other deep cuts from our cellar. If you’ve been to one of our anniversaries before, you know we also break out some cool beers from yesteryear.

We hope to see you out on March 28th to celebrate this occasion with us. We are so excited to be able to have the good fortune to turn 15 and start to plan for the next 15 years. Cheers!

I may not be able to attend every one of these events, but I will definitely be at Brouwer’s this Saturday for the Hard Liver festival and I’m going to try my best to be there on March 28th for their 15th anniversary celebration. If you’ve been to Brouwer’s before, then you know what a great place it is to visit during any of their events. If you haven’t been to Brouwer’s yet, do yourself a favor and check out one of the very best craft beer bars not only in Seattle but anywhere.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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