Tin Dog Prepares For Their 6th Anniversary

There aren’t a whole lot of breweries in Seattle that focus primarily on Belgians, Sours and Farmhouse/Wild Ales. Some of the best known are probably Holy Mountain Brewing and Urban Family Brewing (who has returned to Ballard – opening tomorrow at noon). A few others with a similar focus have opened fairly recently including Best of Hands Barrelhouse a year ago and the just opened Fair Isle Brewing in Ballard. However, there’s another brewery in Seattle that has been quietly producing Belgians, Sours and Farmhouse/Wild Ales for nearly 6 years now. That brewery is Tin Dog Brewing in South Park.

Since opening in 2014 they’ve kept a somewhat low profile. It took them a couple of years to begin bottling, but they’ve been packaging more and more beers and just this week started sending out kegs to local craft beer bars. They have also recently rebranded themselves as a blendery (there will be no name change, however). In their own words:

“Tin Dog Brewing is adding blendery to their identity. After all, we have quietly been a blendery since 2016. We are not just one of 85 breweries in Seattle we are 1 of 1 blendery as well.
We are not changing our name but making public our focus on blending. This serves two purposes one to educate what a blendery is and second to stand out as unique in a crowded field of breweries.” As they said here, they’ve really been a blendery since 2016 but the official launch of the blendery will be during their 6th anniversary celebration, which is coming up this Saturday the 22nd. They’ll also be releasing 3 new beers during the anniversary celebration.

Here is some more information about the 6th anniversary celebration from Tin Dog Brewing Company:

Tin Dog 6th Anniversary 2/22 2-8pm

Blendery Launch and Tours
Three Beer Releases:
  • Bericluster- Boisenberry Lemon Zest Sour
  • Koala Fodder Blended IPA – Eucalyptus Notes – Percentage of Sales proceeds from this beer go to an Australian Wildlife Relief Fund https://bushfires.rspca.org.au/
  • Sour Brigade – Sour Amber with Stone Fruit Notes
Only 24 bottles left of On A Sour Note which tastes like Cantaloupe!

Tin Dog Brewing Founders – Eric & Lisa Rough

During the anniversary celebration, they’ll have some delicious charcuterie from Salt Blade Meats for you to snack on while enjoying Tin Dog’s beers. If you’ve never visited Tin Dog Brewing before, this is your perfect excuse.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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