Pyramid’s Apricot Ale Wins Bronze During Flagship February

It’s not just February, it’s Flagship February. Although some newer breweries are shunning the trend (Seattle’s Cloudburst Brewing Company comes to mind), many breweries have one (or more) flagship beers. These are the beers they’re know for – the beers that help build their brand and are still popular today. Some good examples would be Sierra Nevada‘s Pale Ale, Pike Brewing‘s Pike Place Ale or Pyramid Brewing Company‘s classic Hefeweizen.

I’ll be honest. I was oblivious to the fact that it was Flagship February myself until Pyramid Brewing reminded me by sending me a care package containing some of their most popular flagship beers including their classic Hefeweizen, their Apricot Ale (which was one of the first craft beers I tried in Seattle) and, another classic, McTarnahan’s Amber Ale from Portland Brewing Company.

These days, fear of missing out (FOMO) on something good leads many craft beer drinkers to constantly be on the hunt for the newest releases from the hottest, most popular, hyped up breweries and, I’ll admit, I myself certainly enjoy trying lots of new beers quite often. However, sometimes it’s good to let go of the FOMO and come back to the classic, flagship beers that first got us into craft beer in the first place. How long has it been since you’ve had, for example, a Pyramid Hefeweizen, Apricot Ale or a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale?

In the wake of its recent Bronze medal win at the Best of Craft Beer Awards (Fruit/Wheat Beer category), why not drop by the Pyramid Alehouse in Seattle (right across the street from T-Mobile Park) and enjoy an Apricot Ale or one of their other flagship selections?

Here is some more information about Apricot Ale’s Bronze Medal win from Pyramid Brewing Company:

SEATTLE, Feb. 11, 2020—Pyramid Brewing, one of the Pacific Northwest’s longest running craft breweries, announced that its beloved fruit beer, Apricot Ale, took home a bronze medal at the 2020 Best of Craft Beer Awards this week. Among the most prestigious craft beer competitions in the nation, Best of Craft Beer Awards hosted 96 judges in a blind competition with 95 award categories. Pyramid’s Apricot Ale was entered into the Fruit Wheat Beer category.

Apricot Ale is one of Pyramid’s most awarded beers. Since it’s first appearance in the summer of 1994, the fruit beer has won three gold medals and one silver medal at the Great American Beer Festival. Just last Fall Apricot Ale won Double Gold in SIP Northwest’s Best of the Northwest beer competition.

“I love to see that as fruit beers continue to grow in popularity, our Apricot Ale continues to prove that it’s among the best,” said Pyramid Brewing’s head brewer, Ryan Pappe. “I’m proud of this tasty beer and I’m especially proud of our team for their unending commitment to quality.”

The award comes during Flagship February—an annual month-long celebration of the classic beers that paved the way for craft beer and made the beer market what it is today. Apricot Ale has long been one of Pyramid’s flagship beers.

The robust bounty of Pacific Northwest fruits provide the foundation for Apricot Ale. Starting with the base of a tasty American-style wheat ale, Apricot Ale is packed with big, fresh apricot aromas and flavors. Apricot Ale is available year round throughout Pyramid’s distribution footprint in 19.2 oz cans, 22 oz bomber bottles, and 6-packs and 12-packs of 12 oz bottles.


About Pyramid Brewing Co.

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Pyramid Brewing Co. crafts some of the PNW’s favorite brews from its year-round ales and lagers to the seasonal and Brewer’s Reserve series. In 1984, Pyramid discovered a new way of crafting beer, bringing together adventure, friends and bold new flavors and innovation. Today, Pyramid shares this spirit through its craft beers, and at its breweries and alehouses in Seattle and Portland. To find your Pyramid, visit:

Hype can be fun. I’ve certainly been to my share of hyped up, highly sought after, limited releases but Pyramid has reminded me that it’s good every now and then to take a step back from the hype and revisit the classics. The next time I reach for a cold one, I think I’ll be reaching for one of the classic Pyramid Ales I have in my fridge right now.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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