Stoup Brewing Launching Crowlers

When you’re at a local craft brewery or craft beer bar and you find a beer on tap that you really enjoy, the first thing you usually want to know is whether or not they package that beer to go. As I’m sure most of you are aware, there are quite a few craft beers out there that don’t get bottled or canned – especially beers that are one-offs. That means, if you want to take some of that great new craft beer you just discovered home with you, your best bet is to see if the brewery or bar can fill you a growler to go.

Growlers are a great option and, varying opinions notwithstanding, I think they do their job quite well. However, using one means you’d have to already own one and remember to have brought it with you, or else you’ll need to spend a little at the brewery or bar (assuming the bar has some to sell) to purchase one before having it filled.

That’s why the crowler has become so popular. What’s a crowler, you ask? A crowler is a 32 oz can, which can be filled on-site and then sealed so it can be taken to go. Can + growler = crowler. Makes sense, right? Crowlers can be a really convenient way to take a craft beer you’ve found on tap with you to go – especially if you don’t have a growler handy, don’t want to purchase (another) one, and/or you don’t want a full 64 oz of the beer in question.

Not all craft breweries package all of their beers in bottles or cans. Many have all or some of their beers available on tap only so, when such a brewery decides to start filling crowlers, people take notice. The latest local craft brewery who has decided the time to start filling crowlers has come, is Stoup Brewing Company in Ballard. Next week they’ll launch their crowler program, making it easier for you to take their beers to go.

Here is the full press release from Stoup Brewing Company:

SEATTLE, May 6, 2019 –Nothing says summer in Seattle like enjoying great beer with friends—at the beach, in the park, on a boat, or in the woods. Well, Stoup Brewing has all your summer beer needs covered!

Beginning Thursday, May 23, just in time for Memorial Day weekend, Stoup Brewing is launching a crowler program that features both their award-winning Citra IPA and German Style Pilsner.

With a thriving growler program already in place, crowlers offer beer enthusiasts a way to enjoy pre-filled cans of fresh Stoup beer out in the world. A convenient and inviting 32-ounce can of beer, or the equivalent of two pints at the brewery, to be exact.

“With camping season just getting underway, we are excited to offer the ideal vessel for getting Stoup beer into the wild,” said Lara Zahaba, co-owner, Stoup Brewing. “Crowlers are a convenient option, as there’s no large glass bottle to deal with, and they’re super easy to pack in, enjoy, and pack out when done.”

Crowlers of Citra IPA and German Style Pilsner will be chilled, stocked, and ready to go for $12 each during brewery operating hours.

About Stoup Brewing Company:
Opened in 2013 by Brad Benson, Lara Zahaba, and Robyn Schumacher, Stoup Brewing is a family friendly craft brewery located in Ballard’s Brewery District. Revered for their dedication and innovation to the art and science of making beer, Stoup has a garnered numerous awards and a devoted following. With up to 21 beers on tap, an inviting year round beer garden, private event space, and a rotating selection of food trucks, Stoup is a welcoming destination for the beer enthusiast of every level. Root beer fans welcome too! Stoup opens weekdays at 3pm and weekends at 12pm. To learn more, visit

Stoup Brewing is located at 1108 NW 52nd Street in Seattle, Washington.

As noted above, crowlers will be available at Stoup starting the Thursday before Memorial day weekend – May 23rd. Drop by anytime on or after the 23rd to grab a few crowlers to go, so you can enjoy your Stoup beers during your weekend festivities. Their Citra IPA and German Style Pilsner are the featured beers right now, but I’m sure Stoup will begin filling crowlers with their other beers as well going forward.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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