Craft Beer Monger’s Picks For Seattle Beer Week 11

Even though I knew it was coming, Seattle Beer Week (SBW) kind of snuck up on me this year. I can’t believe it kicks off in just 2 days! There are a few events that happen each year that I usually attend so I’m set there. However, I didn’t find much time until this past weekend to look over the rest of this year’s SBW events and choose which ones I’d either like to attend myself and/or that I’d like to suggest to you. I’m here to fix that.

How about you? Have you found the time to look over the ever growing list of events on the official Seattle Beer Week website? If not, don’t worry. I took the time to read through the details of every event that’s been posted for this year’s festivities, and I’m here to give you my suggestions for the best events to pick from for Seattle Beer Week #11.  Here we go!

Thursday – May 9th:

Day 1 of SBW is all about the kickoff night stops. They change each year and, unless you’re fortunate enough to be on the kickoff night bus that hits every stop, you’ll have to pick and choose which opening night stop(s) you’ll make. One major change this year is that there will not be an opening night SBW stop at The Pine Box. This year’s kickoff night stops include (in order):

-Toronado (4:30 pm)
-Beveridge Place Pub (6:30 pm)
-Ounces Taproom & Beer Garden (8:15 pm)
-Brouwer’s Cafe (9:45 pm)

This year’s first SBW kickoff stop at Toronado is special because, for the few of you who may not know, Seattle craft beer icon and Toronado Seattle’s founder/owner, Matt Bonney, passed away just this past March. In a way (if not officially), Seattle Beer Week 11 is dedicated to Matt’s memory. So when you’re out celebrating, be sure to raise a pint or two in his honor. RIP, Matt.

If you have a difficult time deciding which stop(s) to hit, maybe it will help to know that the one other big event happening on kickoff night is the annual Cask-O-Rama at Beveridge Place Pub. This event starts at 6 pm, so you’ll be in the right place at the right time when the kickoff night bus arrives around 6:30 pm.

Friday – May 10th:

There are two events I always use to sort of bookend my SBW. The first of those events is the annual Stoutfest at Brouwer’s Cafe. If you’re as big of a Stout fan as I am, this is one event you definitely won’t want to miss. The majority of the taps at Brouwer’s will be taken over by dozens of dark, delicious, strong Stouts. Things kick off when Brouwer’s opens their doors at 11 am.

Other events I would recommend for the 10th include:

The Old 48 (One Final Ride) (3:00 pm): Just this past year, we lost Naked City Brewery & Taphouse in Greenwood (and, sadly, their Camano Island location closed shortly afterwards). Naked City’s Don Webb and Toronado’s Matt Bonney used to brew a special beer and make a keg run form Naked City to Toronado each year on the Number 48 bus. This year, as a tribute to both Naked City and Matt Bonney, they’ll be taking one final ride – this time form Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery (which is next door to Naked City’s now closed Greenwood location) to Toronado – bringing along a special keg brewed at Standard Brewing Company. Come out and honor the memory of this great tradition, as well as honoring Naked City and Matt Bonney.

Beer-B-Q! at Ounces Taproom & Beer Garden (5:00 pm): West Seattle is fortunate to have 3 of Seattle’s great craft beer bars: Beveridge Place Pub, The Beer Junction and, the newest addition, Ounces Taproom & Beer Garden. If you’ve never been to Ounces, this is your perfect excuse to come visit. This event features BBQ from Girls Gone BBQ and some of the best beers around form Aslan, Matchless and Urban Family. Come on out for great BBQ, great beers and meet reps from each brewery. As a bonus, if you attend at least 5 SWB events at Ounces, you’ll score a free hoodie or tank.

Saturday – May 11th:

I won’t be able to attend many Saturday events this SBW because, as many of you may know, I work Saturdays at Full Throttle Bottles in Georgetown. Even though I work there though, that’s not the main reason I recommend you come check out Lambicalooza at Full Throttle. If you’re a fan of Lambics (and who isn’t!?), this is the event you’ve been waiting for.

Here’s the lineup:
-Cantillion Nath
-Cantillion classic gueze
-Tilquin Oude gueuze
-Oud beersel Oude gueze
-Lindeman young lambic
-Boon still lambic
-Pfriem Druif
-Drei Fonteinen A&G (glass pours from a magnum)

Full Throttle will also have available for sale a very limited number of bottles of Cantillion Fou Foune, 3F Hommage, and 3F Golden Blend. Things kick off when Full Throttle opens their doors at 11 am.

Other events I would recommend for the 11th include:

Barleywood Squares at Hale’s Palladium (12:00 pm): This event used to take place in Naked City’s Walrus Beer Garden, so they had to find a new location. Hale’s Palladium is a great choice. Come play this beer-themed version of Hollywood Squares with a life-sized board, where lots of local beer personalities will be your celebrity squares. Drink beer. Win prizes. Have fun.

8th Annual Pine Box Can Derby at The Pine Box (2:00 pm): This event has been running nearly as long as Seattle Beer Week has been (8 years vs 11 years), and it’s always a good time. You can build your car in advance or build it on site – then race for glory! Just be sure your car follows all the RULES or it will be disqualified.

Sunday – May 12th:

Happy mother’s day! Is your mom a craft beer fan? If so, there are a few events today she might enjoy attending with you. If not, there’s still plenty to do after (or before) a visit with mom. If you enjoy meeting and hanging out with members of the local craft beer community, then you might want to hit up Brewer’s Breakfast at Toronado. This event used to take place at Burgundian, but will be moving to Toronado this year. Come out for the launch of Toronado’s brunch menu and dine with local craft brewers. Featured breweries will include: Urban Family, Ravenna, Ninkasi, Aslan, Fremont, 21st Amendment and more. Brunch begins when Toronado opens their doors at 10 am.

Other events I would recommend for the 12th include:

Kegs & Eggs at Brave Horse Tavern (10 am): Can’t make it to Toronado for the Brewer’s Breakfast? This is another great option where the Brave Horse will have some great breakfast and beer pairing options for you to enjoy.

Hoppy Drinks on the Tiny Links at Interbay Golf Center (12 pm): If you’re a  fan of miniature golf and dressing up in costumes, then this is the event for you. Your $12 fee gets you 18 holes of miniature golf and samples of featured beers out on the course. The theme for this year’s event is 80’s metal bands. So get out that spandex, tease up your hair with a whole can of Aqua Net and win (prize for best team costume). REGISTER YOUR TEAM FOR THIS EVENT by emailing:

Monday – May 13th:

You know where you are, right? This isn’t just anyplace. This isn’t California. This isn’t Oregon. No. THIS IS WASHINGTON DAMMIT! – and Beveridge Place Pub wants to make sure you know it. They’ll have 35 different beers on tap from 35 different Washington State breweries for you to enjoy. It’s $4 pints all day long and any pizza from Zeek’s is just $15. Come out and celebrate your state.

Other events I would recommend for the 13th include:

Cloudburst Mai Tai Monday at The Pine Box (5 pm): Summer is just around the corner, so why not take a quick craft beer break (don’t worry – The Pine Box will still have plenty of awesome beers on tap) and enjoy a Mai Tai in the sun. Don your best Hawaiian shirt and hang with the crew from Cloudburst Brewing Company.

Hammer Time WIth Aslan Brewing at Feierabend (7 pm): Are you good with a hammer? Do you enjoy German-style beers? Then join Aslan Brewing Company at Feierabend to enjoy their new German-Style Pilsner and play a game of traditional Hammerschlagen. Hammerschlagen is a German game reportedly dating from 1940, in which several contestants try to hammer a nail into a stump. Faster hammer wins.

Tuesday – May 14th:

I love good food nearly as much as I love good beer. I’m a particularly big fan of seafood, including shellfish. So I can’t help but be enticed to visit The Pine Box to Get Shucked Up! Oysters & Bottles. This event, which starts at 5pm, features oysters from Taylor Shellfish and bottle pours from Garden Path Fermentation (Mead, Subtle Blend Raspberry & The Wet Hopped Sip) and Aslan (Francis Farmer, High Plains Drifter & Study of Dreams). Great beers with fresh-shucked oysters? Sign me up.

Other events I would recommend for the 14th include:

2nd Annual Give In The The HAZE CRAZE at The Growler Guys – NE Seattle (5 pm): New England style IPAs are all the rage these days. If you’re a big fan of the style, then this is the SBW event for you. They’ll have Hazy IPAs on tap to enjoy including IPAs from: Reubens, Skookum, Fremont, Sliver City, Fort George, Mirage, Modern Times, Structures, Aslan, Hellbent, Lagunitas, Firestone Walker and more. Cast your vote for the people’s choice award and stock up on the haze. Buy any two crowlers to go and your 3rd one is 50% off.

Gilber’s Cheese Experience Premiere at Stoup Brewing (6:30 pm): I told you about this event last week here at Stoup Brewing Company is set to host Gilbert’s Cheese Experience for their Seattle debut. Four different Stoup beers will be paired with four different cheeses from Gilbert’s, allowing you to explore and find your favorite pairing.

Wednesday – May 15th:

What day is it? What day is it? C’mon now. You know what they call Wednesday, right? Hump Day With Crackle the Camel will be happening at Ounces Taproom & Beer Garden. This unique event will feature a special Hump Day IPA from Chainline Brewing Company (Chainline reps will be on hand) and a real, live camel. Come drink some great beers and meet Crakle the Camel for snuggles, photos, etc. The camel craziness starts at 5 pm.

Other events I would recommend for the 15th include:

1st Annual SBW Reunion Tour at The Pine Box (6:30 pm): Seattle Beer Week first launched way back in 2009 and, each year, a different brewery (or breweries) have brewed the official Seattle Beer Week beer. Reps from every one of those breweries (well, almost all – RIP Naked City & Elysian won’t be attending) that’s ever brewed the official SBW beer will be on hand including Pike, Hales, Maritime Pacific, Fremont, Schooner Exact, Black Raven, Georgetown, Sliver City, Reuben’s, Bale Breaker, Georgetown and Aslan. Come enjoy beers on tap from each brewery all with a high school reunion type theme.

Vintage De Dolle Brouwers Tasting at Bottleworks (6 pm): Enjoy some vintage beers from the Belgian Brewery Brouwerij De Dolle at this very special event. THIS IS A TICKETED EVENT. Purchase your tickets in person at Bottleworks before they run out.

Thursday – May 16th:

As I mentioned above, there are two big events I usually use to bookend my Seattle Beer Week festivities. The second one of those events is the annual and extremely popular Sourfest at Brouwer’s Cafe. I’m a huge fan of Sour Ales and Brouwer’s always puts together a stellar lineup of amazing Sour Ales to enjoy for this event. Things get going when Brouwer’s opens their doors at 11 am but, trust me. You’ll want to get there at least a bit early. There’s always a line for this one.

Other events I would recommend for the 16th include:

Fremont Fest featuring Brew 3000 at The Growler Guys – NE Seattle (5 pm): Fremont Brewing Company makes some pretty amazing beers, including their extremely popular (and sold out!) Brew 3000. Don’t worry though, The Growler Guys held onto a keg and will be tapping it along with a Fremont Cask IPA, a special Dark Heron release, Sky Kraken Pale Ale and more. They’ll have free schwag to give away and discounts all night on Fremont beers and flights.

Ballard Beer Night at Ounces Taproom & Beer Garden (5 pm): If you live in West Seattle or the South end, then you might not get out to Ballard as often as you might like. Well here’s your chance to try out a bunch of beers from breweries in Ballard without leaving West Seattle. Ounces will have beers on tap from Stoup, Reuben’s, Lucky Envelope, Obec, Peddler, Populuxe, Hales, Dirty Couch, NW Peaks & Bad Jimmy’s Brewing. They’ll be giving away schwag  from every brewery all night long.

Friday – May 17th:

We’re in the home stretch now. If you’ve made it this far and you’re still standing, great work! Now maybe it’s time to head back over to Beveridge Place Pub for their annual Bodacious Beverages Brewfest. Kicking off when Bev. Place opens their doors at 2 pm, this event features 25 rare and unusual beers. You’ll find everything from barrel-aged beers to IPAs, Sours, Stouts and more. Taster trays are strongly encourages for this event.

Other events I would recommend for the 17th include:

Barrel Roller at Chuck’s 85th Street Market (10 am): Something special happens when you barrel age a beer. Some of my favorite all time beers are barrel aged and my cellar is packed with a wide variety of barrel aged gems. If you’re a fan of barrel aged beers too, then get up to Chuck’s in Greenwood for this special event, featuring barrel aged beers from Fremont, Skookum, Clumination,  Structures, Modern Times and more.

Teku Tavern’s Nitro Fest at Teku Tavern (11 am): Something special also happens when you put a beer on nitro. Those tiny bubbles. That creamy mouthfeel. If you’re a fan of beers served on nitro, then this is one event you won’t want to miss.  All 50 taps at Teku will be taken over by nitro beers. They’ll have both ones you’d expect to see on nitro as well as some Seattle favorites with a nitro twist – some of which have never been poured on nitro before.

Saturday – May 18th:

We’re not done quite yet. How about an event where you’ll find beers from 19 different breweries from around the state and around the country?  That’s just what you’ll find at the 3rd Annual Invitational Festival at Reuben’s Brews. You’ll find many beers that aren’t often available in Seattle as well as live music to enjoy and multiple food trucks. Things get going at 11 am.

Other events I would recommend for the 18th include:

Tour de Pints starting at Peddler Brewing (11 am): This annual cycling pub tour will hit up 5 different breweries and span about 20 miles in total. If you’re a fan of both cycling and local craft beer, then ride your bike out to Peddler and join the fun.  What you’ll need: You, a bike, a helmet, and a taste for local craft beer. No registration to ticket purchase necessary. Just show up at Peddler by 11.

9th Annual Luau Party w/ Maui Brewing at The Noble Fir (1 pm): This may be Seattle Beer Week, but who doesn’t enjoy a getaway to Hawaii? Come on out to The Noble Fir in your best Hawaiian attire. They’ll provide the leis and the beers – including beers from Maui Brewing Company. Aloha!

Sunday – May 19th:

You’ve made it! This is the end. SBW11 is coming to a close but there are still a few last day events you can hit up.  Shockingly, I don’t see Fremont’s annual SBW BBQ listed, but there’s a chance it just hasn’t been posted yet, so be sure to check out the official Seattle Beer Week page for any updates. Instead, I might just hit up Coffee Beer & Doughnuts at Reuben’s Brews. This extremely popular event is always packed. It starts at 11 am, but I suggest you get there early and get in line.

Other events I would recommend for the 18th include:

4th Seattle Beer Week Fun Run at Rhein Haus (11 am): I’m not sure I relish the notion of going for a run after several straight days of beer drinking events but, if that’s your thing, then put on your running shoes and get over to Rhein Haus for this mostly downhill 5.5 mile fun run. Your $20 entry fee includes a bag check, commemorative schawg, discounted drinks at each stop along the rouse and a $10 lyft credit to or from Stoup Brewing. SIGN UP FOR THIS EVENT at

Bunnies Boneyard and Beer at Brave Horse Tavern (1 pm): Which is cuter: goats or bunnies? You’ve seen all those beer and baby goat events, right? They’re always packed. Well how about a beer and bunnies event? Featuring beers from Boneyard and bunnies for you to cuddle. What a great way to relax and cap off your SBW11 fun.  Aww.

That’s all for this year. How many SBW events will you be hitting up? I’m still updating my calendar and making my final decisions, but I’m sure I’ll see many of you out and about this week, because this one goes to 11!

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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