Cascade Brewing Releases One Way Or Another 2017

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m a big fan of Sour Ales. That puckering tartness they impart can be too much for some, but it tickles my palate’s fancy and I’m always ready to try a new Sour Ale. We have some great local breweries that make some truly amazing Sour Ales, but most of them are relatively new. Before their existence, the best Sour Ales around always came from Cascade Brewing Company out of Portland, Oregon.

Cascade is still tops in my book. They’re one of my favorite Northwest breweries (as my #FF tweets can attest to), and I always keep tabs on what they’re working on next. To that end, I’m pleased to share the news with you that Cascade has released their One Way Or Another 2017 project. The 2017 version is a complex Sour Ale featuring Northwest-grown marionberries and Meyer lemon zest with Sour Blond Ale aged in oak barrels for up to 16 months.

Here is the full press release from Cascade Brewing Company:

PORTLAND, Ore. – April 5, 2019 – Cascade Brewing has announced the release of its One Way or Another 2017 project, which will go on sale today. The beer will be available in 500ml bottles and on draft at Cascade’s two Portland pubs and through its distribution channels.

Based on a collaboration recipe originally designed with Bruery Terreux, the 2017 One Way or Another combines whole, Northwest-grown marionberries and Meyer lemon zest with sour blond ale aged in oak barrels for up to 16 months. The finished blend captures notes of blackberry pastry, fresh citrus and spruce tips with a lively acidity and dry finish.“We were incredibly pleased with how the 2016 One Way or Another project turned out, and we wanted to offer the beer again as a part of this year’s release calendar in the new 500mL format,” explained Kevin Martin, Cascade Brewing Director of Brewery Operations. “The combination of marionberry and Meyer lemon is one of those magical fruit pairings that brings out unexpected flavors that go well beyond the individual components.”

One Way or Another is a Tier One offering; Cascade’s bottles have distinct label styles for each of the three Cascade Brewing pricing tiers, with each label within the tier utilizing distinctive colors to clearly differentiate each beer. The tiers differ by the style of beer used in the product, the type ingredients contained within, the time aged in the barrels and types of barrels used.

About Cascade Brewing
Cascade Brewing has been a pioneer in the sour beer renaissance since 2006 and the proud innovator of the Northwest Sour Ale. Its distinctive sour beer blends feature fruit forward, barrel-aged ales with an emphasis on project year-to-year variation. These beers offer a complex array of flavors derived from the acid, the fruit and the residual flavors present in the barrels in which they age. The resulting beers offer a complex array of flavors and aromas derived from with each project year release capturing the unique subtleties of that year’s growing season. Cascade Brewing’s sour ales are brewed and blended in Portland, Oregon. For more information, visit and join the brewery on Facebook and Twitter @CascadeBrewing and on Instagram at @Cascade.Brewing. Cheers to the sours; enjoy in a profoundly wise manner.

I don’t have time to take a trip down to Portland right now, so I’m glad 2017 One Way Or Another will see distribution here in Seattle. The release was exactly one week ago, so One Way Or Another should be arriving now on Seattle area craft beer store shelves. As a big fan of both Cascade Brewing and Marionberry Sour Ales, I’m eager to pick up a bottle.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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