Celebrate March Mildness With Machine House Brewery

March is here.  That’s a big deal to college basketball fans. Not that I’m a big college hoops fan, but you’d have to be in a coma to now know what March Madness is.  Traditionally, however, March doesn’t mean much of anything special to craft beer drinkers.

Machine House Brewery wants to change that and give craft beer drinkers a different reason to be excited for March. Back again this year is their annual March Mildness event, taking place at a number of craft beer locations around the Sound.  Drink up plenty of Machine House’s Dark Mild and win prizes.

Here is the full press release from Machine House Brewery:

Come celebrate March and Machine House Brewery with our famous Dark Mild at our 3rd Annual March Mildness Event!  Every March we take the time to appreciate one of our most beloved and popular beers by drinking it all month long.  This year we will be doing things a little different to expand different venues and celebrate everything Dark Mild! With 12 locations across the Puget Sound area there is no excuse to not get in all the fun! We well be finishing things off with a WILD MILD party at the end of the month just in case you want some more.  Should be a mildly good time…

DARK MILD: A surprisingly light-bodied session ale with a rich roasted malt character. Incredible drinkable, the deliciously balanced chocolate and caramel malt character makes the Dark Mild a cult favorite.

ABV: 3.7% OG: 1.036 FG: 1.006 IBU:20
Mash: 2nd Row, Dark Crystal, Chocolate
Hops: Nugget, Progress, Goldings

EVENT LENGTH: Month of March culminating in a WILD MILD PARTY in the Original Machine House Brewery in (Georgetown) Seattle, WA on March 31st 12-5pm.


How it works:
Step 1: Participants will get an official punch card at a participating location.

Step 2: Participants will get his/her/their card punched for each pint of Dark Mild (CASK ONLY) purchased at any participating location.

Step 3: Participants will put sticker next to your name to chart the locations’ progress*

Step 4: Drink a certain amount of Mild and win the following prizes:

Drink 5 Pints of Mild in the Month of March and receive a limited-edition March Mildness Pub Glass **

Drink 20 Pints of Mild in the Month of March and receive a limited-edition March Mildness T-Shirt**

*Winning location will the chance to collaborate with Machine House Brewery on a new CASK ALE!

**Prizes can be picked up at either Machine House Locations.

Participating Locations (North to South):

·        Special Brews (Lynnwood)
·        The Maple Bar (Maple Leaf)
·        The Dane (North Ballard)
·        The Masonry (Fremont)
·        The Red Door (Fremont)
·        Teku Tavern (South Lake Union)
·        Machine House PUB (Central District)
·        The Beer Junction (West Seattle)
·        Slow Boat (Hillman City)
·        Machine House Brewery (Georgetown)
·        Beverage Place (West Seattle)
·        The Red Hot (Tacoma)

Even if you were born to be wild. Take some time this month to be a little mild.  As you can see, there’s plenty of great places to enjoy Machine House’s Dark Mild, and what could be better than winning some schwag for just drinking good beer?

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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