Best Of Hands Barrelhouse Opens March 8th

There are lots of great breweries in Seattle and the surrounding area, and many of those breweries are definitely worth the short or even long trip required for a visit.  Most of the time though, unless there’s an event or a gathering that might draw us farther away, or we’re out specifically to try a new place/new places, most of us tend to drink more often at the craft breweries that are closer to where we live. That’s a part of the reason I’m such an advocate for breweries that are more in Seattle’s South end (including West Seattle), but definitely not the only reason.  Sure, their proximity to me and my commute route makes them convenient, but most of them also make some damn fine craft beers.

There aren’t that many craft breweries in West Seattle (although Future Primitive Brewing did recently open in White Center), but now we have another newcomer nearly set to go.  Coming up on March 8th, Best Of Hands Barrelhosue will open their doors to the public.  Founded by Gregory Marlor and Nicholas Marianetti (former servers at The Beer Junction – and level II Certified Cicerones), along with their partner Chris Richardson, Best Of Hands will specialize in mixed-fermentation barrel aged sours and European inspired farmhouse ales.

Founders: Chris Richardson, Gregory Marlor, and Nicholas Marianetti

Here is the full press release from Best Of Hands Barrelhouse:

WEST SEATTLE – Craft beer drinkers near and far- rejoice! Best of Hands Barrelhouse, West Seattle’s newest microbrewery, will open March 8, 2019. Casual imbibers to beer connoisseurs can look forward to a comfortable taproom and outdoor patio to discover beer designed around Washington state ingredients and terroir.

West Seattle owners and brewers, Chris Richardson, Gregory Marlor, and Nicholas Marianetti’s brewery will showcase a range of rotating beer styles, with a focus on mixed-fermentation barrel aged sours and European inspired farmhouse ales. The goal of the brewery is to make beer that embodies a sense of place by utilizing the highest quality Washington state and Pacific Northwest ingredients whenever possible, and forging relationships with independent raw materials producers. The mission of the brewery is to produce the best handcrafted product we can while providing eclectic offerings to our guests.

Nicholas Marianetti and Gregory Marlor have most recently been serving the West Seattle community as beertenders at Alaska Junction’s beer bar and bottle shop, The Beer Junction. The two of them are level II Certified Cicerones®, and they will be sharing brewing and beertending duties at Best of Hands Barrelhouse.

Best of Hands Barrelhouse is located at 7500 35th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126 and can be found at To stay up to date on upcoming events, and to see what’s brewing, be sure to follow us on Facebook ( and Instagram (

Hours of operation:
Sunday- 3-10pm
Monday- 3-10pm
Tuesday- CLOSED
Wednesday- CLOSED
Thursday- 3-10pm
Friday- 3-10pm
Saturday- 3-10pm

Address: 7500 35th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126

A Work In Progress

I’ve been keeping tabs on Best Of Hands for a while and even visited Gregory and Nicholas at the brewery last month to check on their progress.  I knew this announcement would be coming soon and I’m excited about their impending opening.  Not just because it will be nice to have yet another brewery close to me, and not just but because Nicholas and Gregory really know what they’re doing when it comes to brewing but because I love seeing new local breweries open that immediately take on the challenge of brewing barrel aged sour and farmhouse style ales, which (despite my high intake of IPAs) are some of my favorite styles.

Seattle is a crowded craft beer city and, in my opinion, if you’re going to open a brewery here today you need to offer something a bit more unique.  I believe Best Of Hands Barrelhouse will do just that and I’m excited for their opening date. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, yes. The cow on top of the building will be back.  Even if you aren’t in Seattle’s South end, I believe Best of Hands will definitely be worth a short or even long trip for a visit.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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