Stoup Brewing’s 2018 Fresh Hop Lineup

I love a parade – especially when it’s a parade of Fresh Hop Ales.  I say keep ’em coming and I know I’m not the only one!  Local breweries are definitely hearing that call and answering back in a big way.  So far this season, I’ve enjoyed Fresh Hop Ales from at least 8 Northwest breweries (mostly Seattle, but a few from Oregon), and I’m looking forward to having even more in the coming weeks.

Now Stoup Brewing Company in Ballard has announced their Fresh Hop lineup for the 2018 season, and it doesn’t disappoint.  Stoup if keeping it fresh with at least 5 different Fresh Hop Ales coming our way over the next few weeks.

First up was their Fresh Hop made with Centennial Hops from CLS Farms. It was released last week and is still available in the tap room.  Beer number two, made with Simcoe hops from Carpenter Ranches went on tap on the 18th and is also still available on tap in Stoup’s taproom.

On September 6th they brewed a batch with Citra & Loral. The Citra came from Perrault Farms and the Loral from Loftus Ranches. This beer gets tapped on the 25th.  Then, they went back to Yakima last Monday for some Mosaic for yet another Fresh Hop Ale that they’ll be releasing on 9/28  – just in time for the Fresh Hop Fest in Yakima on Saturday the 29th.

Finally, Stoup was given the opportunity to grab some El Dorado from CLS Farms just a few days ago for batch brewed on 9/17. The release date on that one isn’t firm but they are aiming for October 4th or 5th.  Follow Stoup on Facebook and Twitter for updates.


In addition, Stoup has been playing with some Fresh Hop/Dry Hopping techniques this year. So they have been dry hopping a portion of each previous beer with the current hop. For example, some of the Simcoe that they brewed was dry hopped with some of the Citra & Loral that came in and then some of the Citra/Loral was dry hopped with a bit of Mosaic last week – and the Mosaic will be dry hopped with the El Dorado they picked up on the 17th. Those Fresh Hop/Dry-Hopped beers will be available in Stoup’s tap room only.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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