Black Raven Brewing’s Annual Flock Party Happens This Saturday

Everyone loves a good party, especially when that party involves craft beer. Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) definitely knows how to throw a great craft beer party, and they prove it every Spring with their annual Flock Party/anniversary celebration.

This year is Black Raven’s 9th anniversary/Flock Party and it’s set for Saturday, May 5th from noon till 8 pm.  As always, the Flock Party will feature several live music acts, plenty of ‘rare birds’ (rare and unique Black Raven beers, including some special cask infusions), delicious food, a retail merchandise booth and they usually also have an outdoor cigar lounge/booth.

Here are the full details for this year’s Flock Party from Black Raven Brewing Company:

Join us for our 9th annual anniversary event.
Noon – 8PM (Last call at 7:15)

Live music, amazing local food and of course our beers of great distinction and character! More info will be posted as it comes in but you can count on us rocking the flock out on May 5th!

– Music Schedule –

Jessica Brasch
(Black Raven beertender!)
Solo acoustic set

Norman Baker and The Back Roads

Dub Lounge International

C-Leb and The Kettle Black

Caleb and Walter

– Beer list –

-Westland Barrel-Aged Feather Weather Mocha Stout
-Westland Barrel-Aged Frost Beak Doppelbock
-Westland Barrel-Aged Double Dry Hopped Wisdom Seeker
-Peated Westland Barrel-Aged NITRO Morrighan Dry Irish Stout
-2012 Old Birdbrain Barrel-Aged Barleywine
-2015 Old Bird Brain Barrel-Aged Barleywine
-Feral Saison
-Four&Twenty Blackbirds Spiced Bourbon Apple beer
-2016 Splinters Bourbon Barrel-Aged Strong Scotch Ale
-2017 Splinters Bourbon Barrel-Aged Strong Scotch Ale
-2018 Great Grandfather Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
-2015 Grandfather Raven Imperial Stout
-1989 Sour
-5×6 Sour
-Trickster IPA
-Second Sight Strong Scotch Ale
-Kitty Kat Blues Infused Pale Ale
-Tropical Squawker IPA (Guava, Kiwi Passionfruit)
-Hochzeit Pilsner
-Coco Jones Coconut Porter
-Updraft Pale Ale
-Tavern Hall Kolsch
-2017 Pour Les Oiseaux
-La Mort Rouge Red Wine Barrel-Aged Strong Belgian Brown
– Corvus Frambicus Raspberry Sour
– Old Schoolhouse Collaboration “Ravenschule Hazy Wheat”

– Casks –

Nutty Happiness (got around a trademark with that one)
-The happy coconut and almond filled chocolate bar meets cocoa jones!

-Squawker takes a bath in Mango then dusts itself with chile de arbol and cayenne chili

Did Curiosity Kill the Kitty Kat?
-This curious kitty ingested extra hibiscus, pink peppercorns, and a dash of Vietnamese cinnamon

Hochzeit and Tequila sitting in a tree, D.R.I.N.-king
-Tequila soaked oak and lime juice. Beer-ita if I’ve ever seen one.

– Food –

Black Raven – Kraven’s Grill – Brats and hot links

Nacho Mama’s Food Truck –

– Flock Party Essential Tips –

1) Please carpool if possible. This is our most popular event of the year and parking can become scarce, we recommend riding with friends to help us utilize our area more efficiently. There will be limited parking at the brewery but guests are welcome to park down 95th Street

2) Pace yourself and drink lots of water. We offer A LOT of beers at Flock Party and we realize the “fear of missing out” is real. You may not get to try everything and that’s ok, we want you to have a good time and to be safe. Drink water and have some delicious food.

3) Dress for the whole day. Western Washington weather can be crazy, as we all know, so we recommend layers, sunscreen, even preparation for rain. *fingers-crossed that doesn’t happen*

4) Flock Party is dog-friendly! For one day a year, we open up our whole facility to our furry-faced friends. We ask that they stay on leash and be well-behaved doggos (no excessive barking, jumping, general unruly behavior). We’ll provide water and belly rubs.

5) Cash is king. We will have a cash machine on site and credit card processors at each beer station, merch table and food truck but cash will make the lines go a little bit faster.

6) 21+ only, no minors.

I always enjoy attending Black Raven’s annual Flock Party but, unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it this year.  It’s really a shame too, because that beer list looks amazing and the casks sound enticing.  My FOMO meter is going into overdrive on this one.  I might have to pull a few Black Raven rare birds out of my cellar when I get home from work and have a little celebration of my own.  If you can make it, I hope you enjoy the party. Happy 9th anniversary, Black Raven.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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