Counterbalance Brewing And Sound Homebrew Team Up For A Pro-Am Homebrew Competition

Homebrewing is a big part of the craft beer World.  In fact, many of today’s professional brewers started out as homebrewers themselves before launching their professional breweries.  Many homebrewers enjoy entering their creations into local and national homebrew competitions.  Winning an award for your homebrew is always a great feeling.  I’ve won a few myself in my homebrewing days (though I’m between systems right now).

What if winning meant more than just a ribbon or certificate?  What if winning meant that your beer could be scaled up, brewed on a professional brewing system and made available for commercial sale?  Well that’s exactly what Counterbalance Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) and Sound Homebrew Supply are doing with their Really Big Georgetown Pro-Am Homebrew Competition.

Home brewers are encouraged to submit their favorite home brewed ales for a chance to brew their recipe at the Counterbalance facility with head brewer Frank Lawrence.  The deadline for entry is March 7th with judging taking place on March 10th. Entries should be submitted to Sound Homebrew Supply in accordance with the entry requirements listed below. There is no entry fee.  Sorry for the short notice, but I only received this information yesterday.  So, if you’re a homebrewer, hopefully you have some beer already brewed and ready to go.


• Beers will be judged against 2015 BJCP Guidelines* and the following categories will be allowed: 10-22 and 24-26. This is an Ale-Only
competition (sours, fruit beers, barrel aged, etc. are excluded).
• No entry fee required.
• Brewers may submit up to 5 beers per person.
• Brewers must fill out one BJCP Recipe Form* per entry.
• Three (3) capped, plain brown 12oz. bottles with BJCP Bottle ID* label affixed with a rubber band per entry—bottles will not be returned
• All entries must be delivered, during normal business hours, to Sound Homebrew Supply 6505 5th Place South Seattle 98108, where they
will be properly stored until judging.
• Entries will be accepted until 7pm, March 7th.
• The competition winner will be notified Sunday, March 11th.
• The winning entry will be brewed at Counterbalance Brewing Company and submitted to the Pro-Am competition of the Washington Beer
Awards (WABA) and Counterbalance will host a Beer Release Party.
• 1
st and 2nd Runner-Up prizes will also be awarded.
• Counterbalance Brewing Company will notify the winner to coordinate a time to brew the winning beer prior to the WABA submission.
• Counterbalance reserves the right to adjust the recipe as needed to accommodate their system and resources. The final Pro-Am recipe will
be the property of Counterbalance Brewing Company for any future use.
• Brewers! Start your burners!

*this is NOT a BJCP sanctioned competition.

To download the BJCP 2105 Guidelines, Recipe Form and Bottle ID labels, go to: (for Style Guidelines) and (for Recipe Form and Bottle ID labels)

Counterbalance Brewing Company opened its doors and launched wholesale distribution in February 2015. The brewery and taproom are located at in Seattle’s historic Georgetown neighborhood. Counterbalance beers are distributed to bars, restaurants, and retail locations throughout Washington by Vinum Importing & Distributing.

Good luck to all who enter.  I’ve always liked competitions like this.  I’d love to have the opportunity to have one of my recipes brewed on a large-scale, professional brewing system.  Get those entries in to Sound Homebrew ASAP and again, sorry for the short notice.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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