Worthy Brewing Announces Two IPAs And Reveals Their 2018 Release Calendar

Despite the wide range of styles available to craft beer drinkers, it’s impossible to deny that the IPA is still king.  In fact, just last year, the Brewer’s Association‘s annual craft sales figures showed that at least one out of every five craft beers sold in the U.S. is an IPA.  Even though I try to vary the styles I drink as much as possible, I’m definitely a big IPA fan too as are most other craft beer drinkers I know.

That popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down either.  In fact, it almost seems to be expanding.  Even with the incredible influx of new IPAs that are constantly hitting the market these days, most manage to find their audience and sell out, making way for the next IPA(s) coming down the pipe. I say, keep ’em coming.

We’re fortunate here in the Northwest to have so many breweries who excel at making IPAs and now Worthy Brewing Company out of Bend, Oregon is ready announce two new IPAs and also ready to reveal their full 2018 release calendar.

First up and set for release next month to coincide with their 5th anniversary celebration on 2/4 is Worthy Brewing’s limited release Imperial IPA: Litigator.  Then this coming Fall, Worthy will start getting more experimental hops into their beers, starting with the Fall 2018 release of Hop Star IPA.

Here is Worthy Brewing’s full release calendar for 2018 (Click HERE to download as a .PDF):

Check the calendar for when all of your Worthy Brewing favorites will be coming this year.  Most of these releases should see Washington State distribution.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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