Rooftop Brewing Renews Their Beer Trumps Hate Campaign For 2018

The current political climate in this country has many people divided. With such diametrically opposed views on so many different topics, it’s enough to make your head spin. However, don’t let yourself get drawn into the ‘Us vs Them’ mentality where you start to categorize and label everyone. That only leads to blind hatred because, as you categorize everyone, you could then easily let yourself start to hate anyone who falls into certain categories.

Don’t let it happen.  Don’t fall into the trap of hate.  We’re stronger than that and y’know what? Beer is stronger than that.  Rooftop Brewing Company understand this which is part of why, last year, they launched their Beer Trumps Hate campaign. Now, for 2018 they’ve released the latest beer to support their Beer Trumps Hate campaign: Imperial Peach Mint IPA.  Brewed with peach puree and fresh mint, Imperial Peach Mint IPA has tropical fruit flavors and an effervescent character from the mint.  It’s available now at Rooftop Brewing and several restaurants/bars around town and several events are scheduled to help raise awareness.  This release in the Beer Trumps Hate campaign will support Washington Wild.

Here is the full press release from Rooftop Brewing Company:

Seattle, WA, January 2, 2018– Rooftop Brewing Company, LLC (Rooftop) is excited to announce the release of “Imp. Peach Mint IPA” as part of the Beer Trumps Hate Campaign for January 2018. Proceeds of the sale of this beer throughout the month of January will be donated to Washington Wild as part of their Brewshed Alliance. In addition to the beer, Rooftop will sell Beer Trumps Hate T-shirts and stickers at its tasting room located at 1220 W. Nickerson St., Seattle and online at, and donate the proceeds of those sales.

Imp. Peach Mint IPA (8.8% ABV, 72 IBU) was brewed with Azacca Hops and real peach puree to provide a wonderful bouquet tropical fruit and peach flavors. Fresh mint was used in the dry-hops to give a more effervescent character, but mostly to complete the allegory. Imp. Peach Mint IPA will be sold in bars and restaurants throughout the Seattle area, as well as in Rooftop’s tasting room.

To highlight the Beer Trumps Hate campaign and raise additional money, several local bars and restaurants will host events. Washington Wild will have representatives at each event to provide additional information about their mission and possible opportunities to help their cause. Imp Peach Mint IPA and associated Beer Trumps Hate swag will be available for purchase with the proceeds going to Washington Wild.

Events will be held at the following bars on the dates provided

  •  Jan. 18: The Hopvine Pub, 507 15 th Ave E, Seattle
  •  Jan. 20, The Red Door, 3401 Evanston Ave N, Seattle
  •  January 25, Chuck’s Hop Shop, 656 NW 85 th St, Seattle
  •  Feb. 1, 2017, Rooftop, 1220 W. Nickerson St., Seattle

The Beer Trumps Hate Campaign will continue through the following other breweries in the upcoming

  •  In Feb., Stoup Brewing will brew a beer to benefit the Refugee Women’s Alliance (ReWA).
  •  In Mar., Naked City Brewing will brew a beer to benefit New Beginnings.
  •  In Apr., Ghostfish Brewing Co. will make its Kick Step IPA the Beer Trumps Hate beer of the month, proceeds to benefit the Mountaineers.

About Beer Trumps Hate
Beer Trumps Hate was started in 2017 by Rooftop Brewing Company in response to the negative rhetoric pervasive in the national political environment. Rooftop believes that beer and community go hand in hand. This concern has motivated Rooftop to use its beer, space, and the beer drinking community to do something to bring people together in the name of love of beer! Under the Beer Trumps Hate campaign, each month a different local craft brewery will brew a beer to benefit a local non-profit organization of their choosing. The Beer Trumps Hate campaign social media and swag will be used to promote awareness and raise additional funds for that organization – and drink some delicious beer along the way!

About Washington Wild
Since 1979, Washington Wild has played an invaluable role in permanently protecting nearly three million acres of Wilderness throughout Washington State. They bring people together in the vigorous defense of our remaining wild forests, waters, and wildlife. By educating, empowering, and mobilizing our communities, Washington Wild builds powerful grassroots networks that help protect wild lands and waters throughout the state.

About Rooftop Brewing Company
Rooftop Brewing Company was started by five friends as a 1 barrel brewery in a small garage in an alley behind 7-11 in Queen Anne. Now a 15 barrel brewery located on Nickerson St. in Seattle, WA, Rooftop brews beers we like to drink, and we hope you will too. Rooftop beer may be found in our tasting room on Nickerson St. and at local restaurants and bars in the Seattle area. Rooftop believes that beer can play a big part in great conversations, great friendships and great moments. It’s better on the roof.

Visit Rooftop Brewing anytime to try Imperial Peach Mint IPA or check your schedule and attend one of the events listed above.  However you decide to enjoy Imperial Peach Mint IPA, just know that proceeds from the sale will go to Washington Wild.  Beer Trumps Hate!

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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