Belltown & Schooner Exact Team Up To Create SODO Brewing


It seems like you can’t throw a rock in Seattle these days without hitting a brewery, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.  Despite the large and ever-increasing number of craft breweries in Seattle, we still don’t seem to have reached the saturation point.  I believe that’s because Seattle craft beer drinkers really love to drink local.

Sure, Seattle has its iconic and big name breweries that are well known even outside the Seattle area.  Others, however, have a more local, neighborhood feel and here in the Northwest we love to support small neighborhood businesses. That’s why two local, neighborhood breweries, Belltown Brewing Company and Schooner Exact Brewing Company, to form a new, limited-series collaboration brewery named SODO Brewing.

Belltown Brewing’s Head Brewer: Adam Frantz

Schooner Exact Brewing’s Head Brewer: Joel Stickney

Here is the full press release from Belltown Brewing and Schooner Exact Brewing:

SEATTLE—December 19, 2017—The head brewers of Belltown Brewing and Schooner Exact Brewing Co. are collaborating on a limited-series, draft-only, craft brewery named SODO Brewing. The forthcoming brewery will meld the talents of Adam Frantz, head brewer of Belltown Brewing, and Joel Stickney, head brewer of Schooner Exact Brewing Co., to create a lineup of self-distributed beers for local bars and restaurants.

The initial beer offerings will include two IPAs, a lager, and a stout and will be debuting in early 2018. “A collaboration like this is exciting as a brewer where I get the opportunity to be creative alongside another great local brewer, and produce something neither of us may have done on our own. I’m looking forward to working with Joel and kicking out some great new beers for Seattleites”, said Frantz.

The beers will be produced at Schooner Exact Brewing Co.’s facility in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood and self-distributed to Seattle bars and restaurants; more details to be announced in 2018.

“This is such an exciting time for beer in Seattle. There is so much creativity amongst brewers and many enthusiastic beer drinkers to enjoy our offerings. Collaborating with Adam is going to allow us both to push the boundaries even further and produce excellent new beer offerings”, said Stickney.

Additional details about where to find SODO Brewing beers as well as the names of the initial beer lineup will be released in 2018 as it becomes available. For more details about Belltown Brewing visit For more details about Schooner Exact Brewing Co. visit

Collaboration beers are everywhere these days, so it only makes sense for two local breweries to team up and collaborate on an entirely new brand/brewery. I’ll bring you more information on SODO Brewing as it becomes available.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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