Hoppy The Woodsman Is Back From Schooner Exact Brewing

The parade of barrel-aged goodness continues in South Seattle with Schooner Exact Brewing Company.  Available now, Schooner Exact released the 2017 version of their extremely popular Hoppy The Woodsman Whiskey Barrel Aged Ale just yesterday, November 1st.

In addition to the return of Hoppy The Woodsman, Schooner Exact is also pleased to announce their new Fall food menu (going live today) which, thanks to popular demand, now includes Fish and Chips.  Other new items include Blackened Fish Tacos, Caprese Sandwich, and Pork Sliders.  Also, on tap now in the Schooner Exact taproom, you’ll find their Schwarzbier Dark Lager and their Whiskey Dick Cantwell, Matt Where’s My Fucking Pumpkin Beer.

Here is some more information from Schooner Exact Brewing Company:

The wait is over. The Woodsman has arrived!  One of our most sought after and beloved beers will be released on Wednesday, November 1st!  

– The Woodsman Whiskey Barrel Aged Ale is a rich oak-aged beer with a light hop note and strong toasty malt character. Aroma results from the seamless blend of vanilla, caramel, brandied cherry and Yakima Valley hops. Flavors of caramel and oak are offset by the finish of alcohol. A perfect winter warmer that is well balanced to the end. Be here on Tuesday, November 8th for his return!

– Schwarzbier Dark Lager is also available on draft now. At 5% ABV, this flavorful and easy drinking lager is a perfect match with the fall weather here in Seattle. Makes you want to drink all day…

– Whiskey Dick Cantwell, Matt Where’s My Fucking Pumpkin Beer has been pouring strong, literally. At 10% ABV this Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Pumpkin Ale is real smooth and if you like bourbon, I have a sneaking suspicion your going to dig this one.

Extreme Menu Makeover!
Fish n’ Chips anyone?! The people have spoken and yup, Schooner Exact has added a fryer to our tool department and we’re really excited about it!

But don’t expect to see many fried items outside of fries and fish. Blackened Fish Tacos, Caprese Sandwich, and Pork Sliders are just a few of the new items available.

Stop in Thursday, November 2nd to see the full menu makeover.

Imperial Porter ReleaseNovember 15th!
This bourbon barrel-aged beer has had plenty of time to mature, and is exquisitely well rounded. Characteristics of bourbon come through with hints of caramel, vanilla, and fig, while a chocolate note is equally met by a well balanced mouthfeel rich with layers of walnut and malt. Come experience it for yourself on Sunday, November 12th!

Visit Schooner Exact today to try out a few new menu items, grab yourself some Hoppy The Woodsman bottles and have some Schwarzbier and Whiskey Dick on tap.  Also, just a heads up that Schooner Exact’s Barbon Barrel Aged Imperial Porter will also be arriving on the 15th.  Finally, please note that Schooner Exact’s new Fall hours (11 am – 9 pm daily) go into effect on November 4th.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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