Urbane Teams Up With Reuben’s Bews For Their Fall Menu

Last night my wife and I were fortunate to attend a special beer-pairing dinner at Urbane, located in the Hyatt hotel at Olive 8 in downtown Seattle.  It was a preview of a few of the new dishes Urbane will be adding to their Fall menu, all expertly paired with beers from Seattle’s own multi-award-winning (over 30 awards received so far in 2017 alone) Reuben’s Brews, one of the fastest growing breweries in Washington State with production set to increase by more than 50% this year over 2016.

The dinner was hosted by Urbane’s Executive Chef, Brian Pusztai and Reuben’s Brews was represented by brewery rep, Conrad Hermosillo.  Brian, Conrad and a few other members of the Urbane chef’s team greeted us upon our arrival and we prepared ourselves for a 3-course tasting menu by getting to know each other a bit while snacking on a very tasty cheese and charcuterie board.

Shortly after finishing up with the cheese and charcuterie board came the first course of our 3-course meal – an appetizer of Washington King Salmon Crudo, served with shaved fennel and apple, lemon emulsion and a cucumber apple granita.  It was light, refreshing and paired perfectly with Reuben’s Gose – a traditional German style Sour Ale brewed with coriander and sea salt.

Following our King Salmon Crudo appetizer came the main course of Hops Brined All Natural Pork Tenderloin, served with white beans and pork belly, charred kale, purple cabbage puree and pickled mustard seeds.  This savory and satisfying dish was paired with Reuben’s Amarillo Fresh Hop IPA, a great Fall accompaniment.  The pork was tender and juicy and the slight smokiness of the white beans really complimented the pleasantly hop-forward Amarillo Fresh Hop IPA.


For the final course of the evening we were presented with a Flourless Chocolate Stout Cake, served with oatmeal Stout ice cream, spiced nut brittle and local peach puree.  The richness of the brownie-like cake and stout ice cream paired surprisingly well with Reuben’s Roasted Rye IPA.  Its roasty, slightly chocolaty character and notes of caramel malt complimented the dish well while the subtle hoppiness provided a nice contrast on the palate.


All three of these delicious dishes, as well as the beers from Reuben’s Brews they were paired with, will go on the menu at Urbane starting today, Thursday, September 28th.  If you find yourself downtown this Fall and are looking for a good place to enjoy a great meal paired with some excellent beers, drop by Urbane and give them a try. You can order the 3-course meal paired with beers from Reuben’s Bews that you see here for $45.  To see more photos from this evening, please visit my Facebook page.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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