Brother Barrel Hosts Pucker Up: Washington

Are you a fan of sour ales and sour ciders?  Not everyone is.  I wasn’t always a fan of sours.  Ten years ago, the very idea seemed odd to me.  Why would I want a sour beer, I thought to myself?  Then again, most people don’t consider bitter a flavor they seek out, yet IPA is the most popular style of craft beer around (even before they style became flooded with murky, ‘juicy’ IPAs that taste more like citrus juice).

As with many things, the enjoyment of sour ales can be an acquired taste.  Elliott Bay Brewing‘s Brother Barrel location understand this and would like to give you the opportunity to taste a few of their own sours, along with sour ales and ciders from other local local producers.  They’ll all be coming together at Brother Barrel one week from today for their first ever special event: Pucker Up: Washington.

Here is the full press release from Brother Barrel:

Seattle, WA, September 13 – On Thursday, September 28th, Brother Barrel will be hosting its first special
event: Pucker Up: Washington. Washington-made sour beer and cider will be taking over the taps all day as
part of a release party for Elliott Bay’s new barrel-aged sour Ambrosia Kriek. In addition, the talented kitchen
staff at Brother Barrel will be providing a special menu for the night.

Guests will be able or order 2, 4, or 8 oz pours of four different Elliott Bay sours: Chucked Berries, Westland
Barrel-Aged Sour Porter, Sour Wheat, and our brand new release, Ambrosia Kriek. In addition, delicious sour
beers and ciders will be on tap from Bainbridge Island Brewing, Dragonhead Ciders, Engine House #9,
Finnriver Cider, Holy Mountain, Lucky Envelope, Reuben’s Brews, Snowdrift Cider, Schooner Exact, Urban
Family Brewing, and Wander Brewing.

Ambrosia Kriek, a Flemish red style sour beer, was aged for 10 months. We added Montmorency Cherries and
Red Raspberries and then refermented in the barrels for another 5 months. The beer is ruby red with aromas of
fresh raspberries and tart cherries. It has a strong acidity that is balanced by the oak and fresh fruit additions.

Despite my initial reaction to the idea of sour beers years back, I’ve become a huge fan of sours and usually attend at least a couple of different sour festivals each year.  I still haven’t found the time to check out Brother Barrel yet and this seems like the perfect excuse.  If you’re a fan of sour ales as well, or if you’re just curious and want to try a few small pours to see if sours are your thing, then this might be an event for you.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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