Beard And Bine Arrives This Friday From The Lagunitas Seattle Tap Room & Beer Sanctuary

Back in late July, I told you about a special brew day I attended at the Lagunitas Seattle Taproom & Beer Sanctuary. I joined Lagunitas and a whole host of their hop and barley farming partners to brew what would become the first Seattle exclusive beer to come out of the brewery since they took over their space in Ballard from Hilliard’s.

From what I could tell, this was a rather experimental brew with no strictly set recipe.  In the end, it wound up including Caliente, Ron Mexico, and Galaxy hops, giving it a burst of tropical brightness on top of a smooth, blonde, 2-row malted barley backbone.

Being an experimental brew, this beer had no name on brew day, but a few ideas were being kicked around. The most popular suggestion, and the name they wound up going with (obviously) was Beard And Bine Farmer Fusion Ale.  The name fits since the hair-like awn on barley is called the “beard” and hops grow on tall “bines.”  The fusion part fits too, since this was a multi-faceted collaboration between Lagunitas and several of their barley and hop farming partners.

If you’re interested in more about the day Beard And Bine was brewed, as well as a bit more information about the relationship Lagunitas has with their farming partners, you can check out the video below with lots of great information from Lagunitas’ Brewmaster, Jeremy Marshall:

If you’d like to taste the first Seattle exclusive brew to come out of the Lagunitas Seattle Taproom & Beer Sanctuary, then mark your calendar for this Friday, September 8th.  Beard And Bine will be available on tap when the doors open at 3 pm.  I hope to see you there.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.


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