The Brewmaster’s Taproom Prepares For Their 1st Anniversary

There are quite a few breweries and craft beer bars right in Seattle, North of Seattle and East of Seattle.  South of Seattle though, until you get down closer to Tacoma, breweries and even craft beer bars become more sparse and difficult to find.  As far as breweries south of Seattle city limits go, we’ve got Odin in Tukwila, Elliott Bay in Burien and Airways Brewing (CBM Sponsor) in Kent (plus Strong Arm, Four Generals and Herbert B. Friendly in Renton).

Craft beer bars seem even more sparse South of Seattle.  The only ones that come immediately to mind are the Dog & Pony Alehouse (Renton), Pit Stop Taproom & Pub (Burien) and, of course, The Brewmaster’s Taproom (Renton).  Just a reminder, though, the the grand opening for Burien’s newest craft beer bar, Flight Path, happens tomorrow at 5 pm.

I live just South of Seattle myself and have always been a big advocate for Seattle’s South end breweries and craft beer bars but, I’ll admit, I’ve often neglected the places South of Seattle’s city limits (but still North of Tacoma).  Odin is close to home for me, so I’ve got no excuse there (although I do find their bar stools pretty uncomfortable).  I try to get to Airways Brewing whenever I can, but I still need to check out Strong Arm and Herbert B. Friendly in Renton (and get back to Four Generals).

I still visit the Dog & Pony Alehouse occasionally, but I don’t make it to The Brewmasters Taproom often enough and I’m sorry to say I’m not much of a fan of Pit Stop.  I need to make an effort to correct this neglectful South-of-Seattle trend and I think attending the 1st Anniversary celebration for The Brewmaster’s Taproom, taking place this Saturday the 12th, is a great way to start.

Here is the full press release from The Brewmaster’s Taproom:

Renton, WA – The Brewmaster’s Taproom is turning one and celebrating in fashion with special beer releases starting at noon on Saturday, August 12th and continuing all the way until 11:00pm. Our anniversary beer is coming from our friends at Cloudburst Brewing out of Seattle, WA and we’ll be releasing our house beer from Manfish Brewing located just outside Renton, WA. We’ll also have giveaways all day.

Brewmaster’s has become a staple in the Renton community and it’s time to celebrate that we made it to our first birthday. Our owner, Marley Rall, is from Hawaii where they go all out to celebrate first birthdays, so we will be too! We’ll have giveaways every hour, expanded taps, special beers and a food truck! Don’t forget, we’re always kid- and dog-friendly.

Our anniversary beer is a tribute from one very special pup to another. Steve Luke, owner and brewmaster of Cloudburst Brewing owns a wonderful pup named Susan. Sus and Pudge were best friends that never got to meet, two peas in a pod if you will. As soon as we asked Steve if he’d be willing to do our anniversary beer, he came up with the perfect name. Cloudburst is known for its often off-color and comical names, but this time Steve immediately decided on something a little more special for both him and Marley – Sus Loves Pudge. You’ll be able to taste the love that these two pups had for each other in this beer only at our taproom.

Our long anticipated house beer has been months in the making and we’re very excited to be releasing it just in time for our anniversary – Pudge The Curmudgeon. This anniversary and beer is bittersweet for Rall who recently lost her pup, Pudge. Rall reflects, “We’re so happy to have made it a year and to be releasing this special beer. Pudge had been my best friend for the past 11 years and though she is gone now, this beer will be a fitting tribute to the most amazing brew dog to ever exist. This beer embodies everything we loved about her, her bitterness, her spite, her love of IPAs and who can forget her air of superiority. It will be a well-balanced – unlike the namesake – at 6.3% ABV / 106 IBU IPA, using simcoe, centennial and columbus hops.”

We will be expanding our tap handles from 21 to 26 and introducing two new permanent handles. The first is the long awaited Cloudburst handle followed up with one from Fremont Brewing. We’ve selected each of these breweries for very different reasons. Cloudburst is always coming out with fun new beers and they liked the idea of having a place outside of Seattle people can always find them and we’re very excited to be the ones to bring it to you. Fremont has a solid line up of beer with a large following and we were looking to partner with a brewery that everyone knows.

Another plus of The Brewmaster’s Taproom for me is that they’re dog friendly and, as you can see from the press release above, the special beer Cloudburst Brewing created for their 1st Anniversary was inspired by The Brewmaster’s Taproom’s brew dog, Pudge, and Steve Luke’s pup named Susan.  So gather up the dogs (and kids) and come on down to Renton this Saturday to help The Brewmaster’s Taproom celebrate.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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