12th Of Never Ale From Lagunitas Gets A Big Brother

Last year, Lagunitas Brewing Company introduced 12th Of Never Ale, their first ever canned beer.  This assertive IPA is citrusy and full-bodied yet still light on the palate.  Like so many other beers from Lagunitas, it became an instant hit and Summertime favorite for many craft beer lovers.  Lagunitas was even nice enough to provide an ample supply of 12th Of Never Ale for a local, private fundraising event I recently attended.  Thanks guys!

Well, 12th Of Never Ale is back for 2017.  This time, however, there’s one big difference – the size.  Those cute little 12oz cans of 12th Of Never you’ve been drinking?  Yeah, they have a new big brother: the 12th Of Never 19 oz tall boy.  That’s right.  This Summer, when you take 12th Of Never along for your adventures, you’ll be able to bring it in a new container that will give the other beers people have packed in a serious case of can envy.

Here is some more information about this big release from Lagunitas Brewing Company:

You’re about to see a biiiiiiig difference in our 12th of Never Ale because we’re coming out with the same great flavor but in a 19 oz can! Check your friendly, neighborhood Lagunitas retailers for these new tallboys, coming to stores near you the week of June 19th, nationwide.

The new 19-ers will be available in single cans and four packs. Prices vary depending on location, but you can count on them being affordable.

The receptacle might be different, but the hoppy goodness inside is still the same. 12th of Never, our first canned beer, is a moderate expression of everything we’ve learned about making hop-forward beers. At 5.5% ABV, it’s slammable and flavorful, without being too much.

Start looking for the new 12th Of Never 19 oz cans from Lagunitas beginning next week and, if you haven’t been there yet, don’t forget to visit Lagunitas’ newest location, right here in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood (the space previously occupied by Hilliard’s).

Dink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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