Chainline Brewing & Georgetown Brewing Prepare To Release Their Bunk Beds Collaboration

The majority of the craft beer styles we all love to enjoy are Ales.  Pales, IPAs, Stouts, Porters, Browns, Barleywines, Kolschs, Saisons, Lambics and more are all types of Ales.  When most people think of Lagers, they tend to, unfortunately, think of beers like Budweiser, Miller, Corona and the like.  While these brands are lagers (mass-produced, low-quality adjunct Lagers), don’t forget that most classic German beers are also Lagers. They include such classic styles as: Pilsner, Märzen/Oktoberfest, Bock/Doppelbock, Maibock, Helles Lager, Rauchbier and more.

There are also more American style Lagers such as Malt Liquor, Steam Beer (such as Anchor Steam*), Imperial Pilsner as well as Pale Lager and India Pale Lager, which are primarily intended to be lighter bodied versions of their Ale counterparts.  Creating a Pale Lager or India Pale Lager is quite similar to creating a Pale Ale or India Pale Ale, the main difference being the type of yeast used and, of course, the fermentation temperature.  Ales like things a bit warmer (mid to high 60’s), while Lagers like things a bit cooler (mid to high 30’s).

What would the same beer taste like if it was brewed as a Lager vs. an Ale?  Well, Georgetown Brewing Company and Chainline Brewing Company decided to team up to answer that very question for you.  Arriving tomorrow, June 7th, Georgetown and Chainline bring you “Bunk Beds.”  Georgetown gets the Top Bunk, since Ales are top fermented, and Chainline gets the Bottom Bunk, since Lagers are bottom fermented.

Here is some more information about this release from Chainline Brewing Company and Georgetown Brewing Company:

What’s better than a slumber party with your friends? Well, perhaps making some great beer? Chainline Brewing Company and our friends at Georgetown Brewing Company have created a special collaboration creatively titled “Bunk Beds”. Both breweries will use the same ingredients with the only difference being yeast selection. Georgetown will be making Top Bunk India Pale Ale at their facility using ale yeast, which is TOP fermenting. Chainline will debut the Bottom Bunk India Pale Lager that uses lager yeast, which is BOTTOM fermenting. Good times, good friends, slumber party, bunk beds, and beer!

Bunk Beds collaboration will officially launch at the Chainline Brewing taproom and brewery in Kirkland on Wednesday, June 7. Both beers will be tapped at 6pm. Following that, the two beers will be poured side-by-side at a number of locations around the greater Puget Sound area beginning Thursday, June 8. Of course, friends in footy pajamas and teddy bears are encouraged.

Plan on coming out to Chainline Brewing in Kirkland this Wednesday the 7th, where you’ll be able to try Top Bunk and Bottom Bunk side by side.  Which do you think you’ll prefer?  Can’t make it to Chainline?  Don’t worry.  The Bunk Beds will be making their way to several different locations around the sound.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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