Hochzeit Pilsner Returns From Black Raven Brewing


When the temperatures cool down, our palates often crave something a bit more thick and malty, like a good Stout or Porter.  Likewise when the temperatures start to warm up, as they have been lately, we often crave something a bit lighter and crisper that’s not quite as heavy on the palate.  That’s why, as Summer approaches, we see more releases of lighter ales and Lagers (like yesterday’s release of Lima Loca from Two Beers Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor)).

Now, after the release of their popular Wisdom Seeker Double IPA in March and in anticipation of their annual Flock Party anniversary celebration, Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) is pleased to announce this year’s release of their Summer Seasonal, Hochzeit Pilsner.

Here is some more information about this release from Black Raven Brewing Company:

Hochzeit Pilsner
Release date: Friday, May 5th 2017
The Hochzeit Pilsner is Black Raven’s summer seasonal lager. Brewed each year in limited quantity, this clean and crisp lager is the perfect summer treat. Brewed with traditional Czech grown and malted barley for an authentic European malt flavor. Domestic and European hops provide a balanced hop bitterness and flavor.
Taproom only release, growler fills available.

As noted above, Hochzeit Pilsner is only available at Black Raven’s taproom, The Raven’s Nest. So if you want some you’ll have to drop by for a visit and, of course, don’t forget to bring your growlers, so you can take some to go.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

One thought on “Hochzeit Pilsner Returns From Black Raven Brewing

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