Black Raven’s 8th Annual Flock Party & Ravenmaster Club Open Enrollment

Each year around this time, there’s a big party out in Redmond.  If you’re a fan of Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor), then you know that I’m referring, of course, to their annual Flock Party anniversary celebration.

Set to take place on Saturday, May 6th from noon – 7 pm, this year’s Flock Party will include live music, plenty of ‘rare birds’ (rare and unique Black Raven beers, including some Tiki-drink inspired infusions this year), food, a retail merchandise booth and even an outdoor cigar lounge/booth.  Well-behaved and leashed dogs will also be welcome and, if you run short on cash, there will be an ATM on site.

Each time I’ve attended Black Raven’s Flock Party, I’ve had a great time. In addition to the two regular bars inside the Raven’s Nest (the Black Raven taproom), you’ll find multiple tap stations situated at different places throughout the brewery, each serving a slightly different lineup of beers.

Here is the music lineup for this year’s Flock Party:

The full tap list for this year’s festivities has not yet been revealed but, if previous years’ celebrations are any indication, you’ve got nothing to worry about and a lot to look forward to.

While the Flock Party doesn’t take place until next Saturday, you might want to plan a trip out to Black Raven tomorrow (4/30) as well if you have an interest in joining Black Raven’s Ravenmaster Club (the Black Raven mug club).

Here are the Ravenmster details from Black Raven Brewing Company:

Our “mug club” is comprised of 150 members each year. Any current member who does not renew by Saturday April 29th gives up their slot. On Sunday April 30th at noon, any non-renewed memberships go on sale first come, first serve. Limit one membership per person.
  • Exclusive Ravenmaster 2017 item
  • $1.00 off all pints in the taproom
  • $0.50 off all schooners in taproom
  • $1.00 off all growler fills
  • Annual Ravenmaster’s private party at brewery
  • No deposit required for kegs to go
  • No credit card needed to hold open tabs in taproom
  • Bottle release preview/early sales

Annual cost is $100.00



We only expect about 15-20 open memberships up for grabs. We will not know that actual number until Saturday night at 10 pm.There is no waiting list. It is truly first come, first serve on enrollment day.

Thank you for your support of all things raven.

As you can see, if you really want to join the Ravenmasters Club, you’ll have to be on it.  I would suggest keeping a close eye on Black Raven’s Facebook and Twitter feeds this evening. Perhaps they’ll post how many slots will be available on Sunday.  Then, I would suggest getting to Black Raven even before they open on the 30th, to ensure you can secure your spot.  Whether or not you join the Ravenmaster Club, you’ll still have a great time at the Flock Party on the 6th.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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