Beer Camp Across The World Kicks Off In June

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company was one of the first craft breweries I discovered years ago when I made the switch from bland, mass-produced lagers to the wonderful World of craft beer.  They’ve been at it since all the way back in 1979 – just one year after homebrewing became legal again at the Federal level in the U.S. (Thank you very much Jimmy & Billy Carter!)

One of Sierra Nevada’s biggest annual events these days is their popular Beer Camp, which first made it’s debut back in 2014. Dubbed the largest craft beer celebration around, Beer Camp 2017 is going Worldwide this year.  They’ve collaborated with 6 U.S. based craft breweries and 6 overseas craft breweries. Now, they’re preparing to take it on the road.  They’ll be hitting 8 major U.S. cities starting on June 3rd and ending with a bang in Seattle on June 30th.

Here are some more details from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company:

Beer Camp is the largest craft beer celebration! The industry’s largest collaboration effort, Beer Camp showcases the art, spirit and attitude of craft beer and everyone’s invited: brewers and fans alike.

This year, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has partnered with 12 craft breweries–6 overseas and 6 stateside–to brew an international collaboration 12-pack, dubbed Beer Camp Across the World. This pack is loaded with dream beers–no idea was too wild and no ingredient was off-limits–and a one-time-only national release is hitting shelves in June.

Next, we’ll take the pack on the road for Beer Camp on Tour–an 8-city beer festival extravaganza presented by local non-profit partners. Every craft brewery in the country is invited to pour and each festival will bring hundreds of breweries, local bands, local food trucks and good times to craft-centric cities across the country. More than 700 breweries came out to participate in 2016!

Here are the festival cities and dates:

About Beer Camp:

Beer Camp is the largest craft beer celebration. The project brings together craft brewers to create one-time-only, no-limit collaboration beers featured at eight huge beer festivals in craft-centric cities across the country. Beer Camp showcases the art, spirit and attitude of craft beer, and everyone’s invited—brewers and fans alike.

Debuting in 2014 and continuing in 2016, Beer Camp shines a light on the collaborative, independent spirit of the craft beer industry with beer festival tours and collaboration mixed packs from some of the country’s best craft brewers.

In 2017, Beer Camp has expanded to include some of the most exciting and innovative brewers from across the world. The 2017 12-pack, dubbed BEER CAMP ACROSS THE WORLD, includes unique beers from Sierra Nevada and 12 breweries—six stateside and six overseas—for a unique craft beer experience.

The national release of the mixed pack will coincide with an eight-city national festival tour: BEER CAMP ON TOUR—presented by local craft brewers guilds. Every single craft brewer in the country will once again be invited to pour at their nearest festival. In 2016, nearly 20 percent of America’s craft brewers participated in the festival tour.

With the future of craft beer in mind, Beer Camp is also about giving back. Profits from the festivals will benefit the local brewers guilds and other industry partners who will present each festival.

See you in June.  Cheers!


(If you can’t read the image above, you can get more info on the beers HERE.)

Once June arrives, be on the lookout for the Beer Camp Across The World 12-Pack, which will see limited distribution starting in early June.  You should also be able to find a few of this year’s Beer Camp selections on tap at select locations.

The Seattle stop on the Beer Camp 2017 Festival Tour will be on Friday, June 30th at Gasworks Park – Presented by Hop Growers of America.  You won’t be able to pick up your Beer Camp Across The World 12 packs until early June, nor will you be able to find the ones you can on tap at your favorite local craft beer bar(s) until then, but you can purchase your tickets for the Seattle Festival stop on June 30th now.  Just click the graphic below.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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