Poker N’ Pints Returns To South Seattle Next Month


How would you like to visit five of Seattle’s South end breweries, have some poker-themed fun and help out Washington Wild and Brewshed Alliance at the same time?  Sound too good to be true?  Well Washington Wild is making it a reality as Poker N’ Pints returns to South Seattle on February 18th.

Participating breweries this year include: Counterbalance Brewing Company, Flying Lion Brewing, Lowercase Brewing, Machine House Brewery, and Tin Dog Brewing. Stop by each brewery to build your hand then, at your last stop, play your hand against the house to win a swag bag.


Here is the full press release from Washington Wild and Brewshed Alliance:

South Seattle Poker N’ Pints is back, with great odds for you and high stakes for our wilderness.
This popular annual event, conceived by Lisa from Tin Dog Brewing, for the second year will be organized by and benefit the Washington Wild Brewshed® Alliance. The Brewshed® Alliance has allowed WA breweries to safeguard the protection of our state’s waterways and wilderness areas. This has let their patrons come away with a better understanding of the connection between protected water and superior downstream beer.  Since it began in late 2012, the Brewshed® Alliance has grown to over 45 brewery and beer community partners and raised over $70,000 for conservation throughout Washington State.

So what is Poker N’ Pints?  Poker N’ Pints is a poker-themed, self-guided crawl through five participating breweries, all of which are located in South Seattle: Counterbalance Brewing Company, Flying Lion Brewery, Lowercase Brewing, Machine House Brewery, and Tin Dog Brewing. Players will visit participating breweries throughout the day (in any order) to pick up cards to build their hand and, at their final brewery, play the house to win a swag bag! Each brewery will give players two cards, so players can choose to play the house at their third brewery, or better their chances to win by visiting all five. All five breweries will be open from 12 pm to 9 pm on Saturday, February 18 th and will donate $1 per pint to Washington Wild in honor of the Washington Wild Brewshed® Alliance.  That’s right, all five breweries will be making a donation for all pints purchased throughout the day so come out play poker, drink prints, and protect a wild Washington.

The event is free, but players are asked to register as Washington Wild will be sending out rules of play to those registered the night before and wants to ensure enough swag for all!

Event Details:

South Seattle Poker N’ Pints

Date: Saturday, February 18th from 12 pm to 9 pm

Participating Breweries:
-Lowercase Brewing:  6235 Airport Way S, Seattle, WA 98108
-Tin Dog Brewing: 309 S Cloverdale St Suite A2, Seattle, WA 98108
-Counterbalance Brewing Company:  503B S Michigan St, Seattle, WA 98108
-Machine House Brewery:  5840 Airport Way S #121, Seattle, WA 98108
-Flying Lion Brewery: 5041 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118

Summary of Event:

Each participating brewery will have two cards for you to pick up, along with knowledgeable staff and bartenders (who probably cannot be picked up) and conservation information. The final brewery that you visit is where you play the house to win swag! You can play after accumulating as little as six cards, but your chances are optimized if you get to pick your hand from 10 cards. We appreciate your per-pint donations, but nothing is more important than getting home via safe transportation and drinking responsibly. Registration is free and will get you advance info on rules of play, a deal on our June 3rd Brewshed Beer festival at Hale’s, and ensure we have enough swag for all!

Link to Register (free):
Facebook Event:

If you have yet to visit some of Seattle’s South end breweries, this is your perfect opportunity.  You’ve got a full 9 hours to visit all 5 breweries and build your poker hand.  Come have some fun in the South end and help out Washington Wild and Brewshed Alliance this Winter.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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