Black Raven Prepares To Release Splinters Bourbon Barrel Scotch Ale


Scotch Ales are a style the often gets overlooked by your average craft beer drinker.  They aren’t as prominent out there as Pale Ales, Stouts and, of course, IPAs, but if you enjoy a robust, malty beer that’s perfect for this chilly Fall weather we’ve been having, then give a Scotch Ale a try.

There are a few local breweries that make some excellent Scotch Ales, and one of my favorites is the award winning Second Sight Scotch Ale from Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor).  As good as Second Sight is, however, it gets even better when Black Raven ages it in Bourbon Barrels and christens it with the name of Splinters.


Here is a bit more information about this beer from Black Raven Brewing Company:

Our Second Sight Strong Scotch Ale that has been aged in various Kentucky bourbon barrels. After many months of aging, the barrels are then blended together to form Splinters. This rare bird is Released annually.

10.8% ABV

Release Date: Wednesday, November 23rd
Available on tap and in 22oz bottles to go ($16.99 + Tax)

My wife and I are both big Scotch Ale fans, so we’re really looking forward to this release.  I think I still have one bottle of last year’s batch of Splinters in my cellar.  Perhaps I’ll have to do a vertical tasting and see how they compare.  If you don’t have any plans for the day before Thanksgiving, head on out to Redmond to enjoy a pint on tap, and pick yourself up a few 22 oz bottles to go.  It should pair well with a big turkey dinner.  You should also be able to find some after the release in local bottle shops.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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